Sami’s Review – November Luxebox: Sintiklia, Cosmic Dust, Empire & Jian

All right guys, here goes my very first blog post.  I know this is going to be a work in progress until I get comfy with what works and what doesn’t, so bare with me.  Feel free to offer up any suggestions or criticisms in the comment section or hit me up in world.

Butta and I decided that we should launch off our blog, with the very thing that caused us to get the idea for doing this in the first place.  The Luxebox November edition.  There are a total of 12 items inside the Luxebox, so we decided to split them up (6 items for each of us) and review them for you.  You can find her blog post about the items she reviewed here: Butta’s Review

So let’s get started shall we!

Hair:  Sintiklia – Taya Hair, fatpack (I’m wearing from the browns HUD in the picture)

First off, I want to say that Sintiklia is quickly becoming one of my new favorite hair designers.  Her textures are beautiful, real life looking and her designs are always gorgeous (as you can see).  All of her styles come with so many options, from add on bangs (like this hair), multiple sizes for the small and big breasted, rigged/non-rigged versions.  Ever feel like you just can’t find that exact right color you want?  Well she also sells an add on tint color picker!  How awesome is that!  But my absolute favorite part of her hairs, is the way she designs the hair around your head, making it look as if you’re wearing a hair base…when you’re not!

This is the Taya hair without the add on bangs.  See how it frames your forehead, making the need for those annoying hair bases a thing of the past.  It’s so well done and looks so realistic!  ♥LOVE!!!♥  As you can tell, this is a long, flowing, wavy hair.  You pretty much could go topless with this hair, because it’s long enough and wide enough in the front, it covers up all your upper bits!  Think Lady Godiva on her horse hehe.  However, the only issue that I have with this hair, is that it is so big.  It’s beautiful overall, and I wasn’t disappointed to get this item this month.  I just don’t anticipate it being a “go to” hair for every day wear.  I’ll probably use it as a photo hair most likely.  I hope to see Sintiklia in future Luxeboxes though, because I love her stuff!

On to the next item…

Outfit:  Cosmic Dust – Jacinda Romper

This is a super cute, off the shoulder romper with a knit texture.  It comes with a 12 color HUD and the texture is very well done for each color.  It comes for Hourglass and Maitreya shapes only.

This was actually my favorite article of clothing from the Luxebox this month.  You can never have too many rompers!!  Well, Butta thinks you can but…we’ll pretend like we don’t know that ok? lol  Even though this was my favorite wearable, I’m here to be honest with you guys, and unfortunately I have to give the bad with the good, right?  This romper does have some issues.  The issues are what Butta and I usually refer to as “glitches”.  This is when parts of your avatar body poke through what you’re wearing.  Sometimes these can be fixed with an alpha, or changing your body shape.  No big deal.  Annoying, but fixable.  The glitches on the romper can not be fixed with any of those things sadly.  I know…we tried!  (FYI, I did fix the glitch on the wrist in my photo that I did.  Thank you patch tool!)

So as you can see in the picture above, there’s 2 major glitches we found.  There’s one there by the wrist and one on the leg/thigh area.  I do want to mention that both of these glitches are not seen all the time.  I noticed when my avatar was in a mostly relaxed position, not moving, you didn’t see the glitches.  But as soon as she walked, lifted her hands up, or did whatever random animation I have on my AO (and I don’t have a super active one mind you), the glitches could be seen.  The only alpha fix you could do to get rid of them is to remove your hands, or alpha part of your thigh, but then you have a missing chunk of thigh all the time.  I was able to get the glitches to disappear by altering my shape, but I had to alter it an enormous amount!  I had to give myself stick legs or uber wide hips.  Even more unattractive than the glitch! lol  I love my shape, and if I have to alter it that much just to wear something…forget it!  Also, if you do have an active AO, you will probably notice some glitches on your back and shoulder from time to time with the animations as well.  That to me, is just an animation issue, not a flaw in the romper.  I’m sure that’s why some designers that have made off the shoulder items put a script in the top so your arms can’t move about, ruining the look of their product.  Smart people!

One last issue that I felt I should mention with the Jacinda Romper, and is maybe just a personal annoyance of mine, but they did not texture the inside of the shirt top that flaps down over your breasts.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I took a pic for ya! lol  If you happen
to cam up from your waist, everything looks great, until…wait what is that?  A hole?  In my brand new romper!?!  But I just got it damnit!!…No, it’s just an untextured side of the romper.  Not all people care about this, but it bugs me to nooooo end when designers do this.  Maybe there’s a reason for it that I don’t know about, and by all means, if someone knows something I don’t, please enlighten me!  But it drives me nuts and has ruined a few pictures that I’ve tried to take before in the past.  In all honesty, this isn’t a huge issue with this romper, just something I noticed and felt I should mention it.

Shoes:  Empire – Kerria Heels

Another great Luxebox item.  These are really cute heels and like all of Empire’s shoes, I loved them!  They are in a leather texture with a leather string that laces around the top edge of them.  For Belleza, Slink & Maitreya shapes only, it comes as a fatpack with her standard fatpack HUD.  You’re able to choose from 20 colors for the main base part of the shoe, 20 colors for the laces, 8 colors for the sole and 3 metal color options, which are the eyelets for the laces.  They are closed toe and closed heel.  They kind of remind me of boots, minus the part that makes a boot…a boot haha.

I wanted to include a close up, unedited picture just so you could see how cute they are.

Animals:  Jian – Dove Collection

I love that Jian is in Luxebox.  It spices things up and always gives me some cute new furry (or in this case, feathery) friend to play with!  Like most of her animal collections, this set includes a companion that’s worn and he/she stands on the ground next to your feet and follows you around everywhere you go.  There’s also a held dove, that perches right on your left index finger.  There’s a wanderer who wanders around your land within the radius that you set via the menu, and it’s 5 LI.  She’s also included placer doves, that you can rez out that don’t wander, which are 4 LI and go perfect inside her beautiful dove cage that she’s included in this set.  The cage is 3 LI.  You can resize and retuxture the cage (7 color options) through the pop up menu when you click on it.  All doves come with animations and sounds that you can turn on/off.  They can be resized but not retextured.  You can even give your new friends names!

Ok that’s it for this post.  You can also see the Ariskea house in this picture but I will cover the review of it in my next post, so stay tuned!


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