Sami’s Review – November Luxebox: Pretty Mess & Ariskea

Here we go with part 2 of my Luxebox November review.  In this review I’ll be discussing the earrings & top by Pretty Mess, as well as the cabin by Ariskea.  In this picture, I’m also wearing the Wait hair by Lamb, the Mara Jersey Skirt by Rowne, and I’m using the Modern Luxe Bench by Fancy Decor, which are all also in the November edition of Luxebox this month.  You can find Butta’s review on these items here.  So let’s get started!

Top:  Pretty Mess – All Seeing Earrings, Lily Split Tube Top

What a nice surprise to get 2 items from Pretty Mess!  Thank you!!  The earrings come in both gold and silver versions, which makes me happy.  I am not a huge fan of yellow gold in RL and it seems that that follows me into SL as well.  That’s not to say that the gold version of her earrings are bad.  They’re not at all.  It’s a very soft yellow gold, so it’s very pretty.  Not an in your face, bright gold that you see in SL, usually accompanied with some bling hehe.  The earrings are feminine, and dainty.  They are what I would call hoop earrings, with an extra kick of design to them.  Like all earrings in SL, you will need to move them around a bit to fit your ear just right, but once in the proper place they look great!

There’s a close up so you can see the design better.  Aren’t they cute!

The Lily Split Top comes in 12 colors, so there is a wide variety for you to choose from.  They each are separate items, so it comes with no HUD.  It is for Maitreya body only.  The texture is knit, almost sweater like, with a ribbed band around the top.  As you can see in the photo, there is a split on the side, both left and right.  It’s a very well done top and I really liked it a lot.  The fit was great, I had no issues at all.  I’m glad it was different than anything else in the box this month.  I always like to pair and layer things when I can, so I did try this top with some of my jackets and blazers that I own.  It worked with very few without any clipping.  The best one was the Tetra Blazer I purchased from Uber in September.  There was only a tiny bit of clipping in the back when my AO moved a certain way, other wise it fit great together.  I won’t list all the ones I tried it with, I’d suggest just trying it and seeing what works, what doesn’t.

Cabin:   Ariskea – Scandivana Cabin

First off, I just want to say that I really don’t know what this cabin is called lol.  The item itself in SL is named “Scandivanian Cabin”.  I thought maybe she just meant Scandinavian and mistyped it.  I mean heck, I’m pretty fluent in typonese myself so, I get it!  But I went to snag a pic of it from her Flickr for my Wardrobe and noticed that she calls it the “Scandivana Cabin” there, so…*scratches her head*…I’m not really sure what the name is.  No matter!  So info about the cabin is it’s 39 LI when rez’d out.  It comes with a rez box, which I think is always nice and helpful when setting up a building.  There is one, very large door that is scripted for open/close and comes with sounds.  The door has nice wood detailing on it as seen in this pic below.

There are two large windows with very well done, realistic window textures on them.  The wood textures inside and out are also very nice.  Another thing that I love and appreciate about this build, was that there were no shadow textures already built in.  Butta touches on this a bit in her post about the Tarte building.  In this day and age of SL, I don’t understand why builders are still including the built in shadows on their builds.  They do look nice, and make for a more realistic feel to builds.  But it ruins it for photography purposes.  Anyways, I digress!  Thank you Ariskea for not including them in this build! lol  Some other positives about this build, is she includes a fireplace space, perfect for placing one if you so choose.  It is also modifiable, so you can make some adjustments to the cabin if you feel the need, but only a few adjustments can be made without messing up the build.  Such as, attempting to move the fireplace spot moves other parts of the build, etc.

For me, the build was way off scale and too large.  With everything in SL looking more and more realistic, I tend to prefer buildings that are closer to a realistic size as well.  The door itself into the cabin is about double my avatar in height as you can see and pretty wide as well.  My avatar height is taller than most at 65, so that can tell you just how big these doors really are.

I realize this is just a preference, and that a lot of builds are done on a larger scale for camera position and easier functionality for the user.  But for me, I have my camera angles reset from the default, and it eliminates these issues that a lot of users have when walking into buildings, etc.  Along with the “realistic” theme, while I loved these wood textures on this build, they also were way off scale for my liking.  But thankfully, since the build is modifiable, I was able to scale down the textures as well as the building size a bit to my liking.  Special note: if you resize the build, the door is separate (because of scripting) and will need to be resized separately, possibly making it difficult to get the building and door to line back up together properly.  So resize at your own risk!

The two large windows are nicely done, but the placement to me is off.  Again, a personal preference, but it seemed to me that the one window should be a bit more centered.  It’s probably my OCD that makes me feel this way, but regardless, it’s something I didn’t like about the build.  I don’t understand why both windows are right next to each ot
her, just in the corner. *shrugs*

I do love how she did the inside of the ceiling!  As you can see in a few pictures above, the roof is a gable roof (yes I looked it up on google, so shoot me!), with the two sides coming together to form an inverted V, or like a triangle.  But if you notice in the picture, the inside is done completely different, with molding around the ceiling, which I thought was a very nice touch.  Here’s a look at the other side of the cabin.

Overall, I didn’t hate the cabin, but I also didn’t love it either.  I will probably take a lot of heat for saying this, but it looks like a building you’d learn how to create as a beginner.  With the exception of the inside ceiling details and wood detailing on the door, the building seems very flat and boring to me.  I’m also not a huge fan of subscribing to an “exclusive” box of 12 items, and getting multiple items that are too similar.  Ie: the cabin and the shed, the sweater and the romper.

So there you have it!  More reviews on some items from the current hot events that are ongoing right now coming up soon!


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