Sami’s Review: Anxiety, Erratic, Nais & Ama, Pr!tty

Sorry for the naughty picture.  Or should I apologize for censoring it? lol  You can see the original, uncensored one here if you’d like.  But only if you have a Flickr account with the adult/mature filter off.  Gotta protect the delicate eyes of virgins..or something like that!

Moving on…in this post I’ll be talking about some of the goodies that you can pick up at some of the events around the grid, such as Collabor88, Romp and Gacha Garden.  So let’s get started shall we!

Background:  Anxiety – Rotten Mesh Scene Build @ Collabor88

I am a huge fan of Anxiety builds.  They are always done very well, have a lot of detail, are materials enabled, are modifiable to suit your needs and they tend to do dark/grungy stuff, which is my favorite style of photography.  But even if you love rainbows and unicorns more than the macabre, don’t let that deter you away from their builds!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This build is 62 LI and is like a lot of their builds.  It’s built a bit like a skybox, minus 1 wall so that you can easily cam in for your photos, set up projectors, etc.




See all the amazing details on the inside, all those shiny materials making the lights reflect on the ceiling and floors, the glows of the neon!! ♥♥♥  There are a ton of possibilities that you can use for photo purposes in this build, which makes it so versatile for all people.  The build does come with lighting, so in order to see it properly in all of it’s beauty, you’ll have to enable that in your graphic preferences.  The individual lights and neons can also be turned on/off by clicking them, which is helpful for us photographers, but it does not turn off the glow and full bright settings.  As I mentioned earlier, the build is modifiable, so you’re able to move some things around, resize, etc.  In the picture that I did, I was able to move down the “beautiful freak” sign & the accompanying green neons to better suit my angle.  A great thing is that the build itself is copyable, so play around with it.  See what all you can change, can’t change, make it fit your vision and if you don’t like it…just delete it, rez out another one and start over!

Outfit: (not much of an outfit haha) Erratic – Sayuri – Karada Body @ Collabor88

This outfit is a rope bodysuit, bra and bottoms for Maitreya body only, sorry Slink and Belleza girls! 😦  It comes in 2 different styles.  The Karada Body is what I’m wearing in the picture.  There is also a Sayuri Top and a Sayuri Bottom (with 2 options) available to purchase.


As you can see, this is the top and the bottoms choices.  There are 4 items total for each “set”, and they are all purchased separately, so you can mix and match if you’d like.  They come in 6 color options of: rose, crimson, ivory, noir (what I’m wearing), nude and gold.  Aside from purchasing them separately to mix and match, there is a color pack option, allowing you to purchase all 4 items in the same color, as well as a fatpack option.  This will give you all 4 items, in all 6 color options as well as 3 fatpack exclusive colors of what looks to be a pink, blue and brown.


The Karada Body fit perfect!  I had no issues at all with how it fit on my body.  I don’t have 0 body fat and I even have a tiny belly (set at 10 or 12 maybe), so sometimes I can run into issues with some things fitting around my midsection.  I keep a saved shape for these occasions, but with this outfit, I was able to use my every day shape without any adjustments, which is a huge plus for me!  I’d say this outfit is maybe a bit more appealing to someone into BDSM, bondage, etc. but I think it’s extremely sexy either way.  This is SL!  I say let your little inner freak out to play and explore.  Just remember to always use a safe word though! lol

Pose Prop:  Nais & Ama – Ride It @ Romp

Going right along with the theme of letting your inner freak out to play, we have a sybian pose prop.  I have never personally used one of these.  I hear they are incredibly expensive!  I’d love to own one though hehe.  Maybe I’ve been a good girl this year and Santa will bring me one!  TMI I know!!  Anyways…*clears throat* you’re here for a product review, right?

This is a must have for any lady that likes taking risque and erotic photos.  There are 6 poses inside of the prop that are selected when you click on the prop and you receive a pop up menu.  Each pose you can adjust, so that your avatar fits it better.  Since we all have different shapes these days, you might also need to make some personal body shape adjustments to get the perfect fit.  The poses are static, they are not animations, which makes this perfect for photos.  I do want to note that the pose used in my picture is not the exact pose that is in the prop.  I did also use my Animare HUD to adjust my hands and head, as well as my Catwa animations HUD for the facial expressions.  If you don’t know what the Animare HUD is, and you love taking photos as much as me, then it’s a must have!!!  You can find it on MP here.


The prop is 3 LI when rez’d out.  It comes with a color HUD that will allow you to change 6 parts of the prop.  There are 5 metal options, and they are all changed together.  I have it set to the yellow gold in this snip.  #1 changes the main part of the prop, seen in white in the snip.  #2 is the edges of the prop, seen in pink.  #3 is the black section seen in the picture.  Dildo 1 is the front one in dark red, and dildo 2 is the back one seen in white.  So as you can see, lots of custom-ability and lots of naughty pictures to be taken. 🙂

Hair:  Pr!tty – Bella & Lea Hair @ Gacha Garden 

Pr!tty is also quickly becoming one of my favorite hair designers.  Her textures are gorgeous, with very natural looking highlights to them.  Her styles are very feminine and adorable.  Her HUDs also come with no roots, medium roots, and dark roots options for the hair, which is a really nice touch and gives the hair a very realistic look to them.

In my picture, I’m wearing the Lea Hair form this gacha set.  Unfortunately, my picture that I did doesn’t do her hair justice, so I did take some unedited snips to share.  Bare in mind, they’re also taken on low graphics because I’m stupid and forgot to turn up the graphics when I took them.  I think you can still get the gist of how pretty they are even in low graphics, which is a +!


See how soft it frames your face, the pretty ponytail that waves down your back, and those gorgeous highlights in the hair I was talking about!!  This style is just like a loose ponytail I’d love to wear in RL, if only I had this great of hair! *sobs*  This color is off of her browns HUD, but she has all the standard colors most hairs come in, so not to worry.  If you love wearing pink or green, she’s got you covered there as well.  The Lea hair comes in a rigged version, as well as an unrigged version.  I believe that all of her “up do” styles come this way, since most updos require the most fine tuning because more of the head is shown.  My personal preference is to wear rigged whenever possible, because it moves with your body more the way hair should move.  Unrigged, while it moves with your avatar, it doesn’t move naturally and sometimes you’ll have hair at a really funky, unnatural place..and who likes that.  For my picture, I wore the rigged version, because the unrigged had my ponytail looking stiff as a board and just didn’t look right.  But for everyday wear of this hair, I unfortunately have to wear the unrigged version.  And here is why:

On the rigged version, no matter what I did to the shape of my head in adjustments, I could never get the hair out of my ear, or my cheek.  For a lot of people, this isn’t a huge deal and many probably wouldn’t even notice it to be honest.  I mean, Sami is pretty, right?  Why would you be looking at her ears anyways?!  But nevertheless, it’s an annoyance to me.  I’m so OCD and nit picky, it’s not even funny.  I was however, able to resize the unrigged version just fine and love it!

Since this hair was obtained through a gacha and there was another style that you
could receive, I decided to cover it even though it’s not in my picture.  The other hair in this gacha set is called Bella.  It’s a long style, in rigged version only.


Omg I love this purple from her colorfuls HUD!!  I’m wearing this with the heavy roots version, so you can get an idea of how they look.  This is another very feminine, sexy hairstyle.  Please ignore the funny face I’m making in the first pic haha.  I didn’t even realize my AO animation had done this until after I took the pic and just couldn’t be bothered to take another one.  Look at the hair, not the face damnit!! lol  So as you can see, there’s some hair that drapes over the front (Sami’s left) shoulder that cascades down the side of your body, and hair that drapes over the other shoulder and down your arm.  The back of the hair is super pretty too I think.

The hair though is not without issues unfortunately.  She does not include more than 1 size of the hair, like some creators do for the different boob sized women out there, so the hair that hangs in the front does clip into my left breast.  I think that you might be able to fix this with some torso and breast adjustments possibly, although I didn’t try it.  My decision to talk about this hair was last minute, so I didn’t test it out.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of not having to adjust my body to wear things, so if you test it out, let me know!  There is one more area of clipping, and that’s with the opposite shoulder/arm.  The hair that is thrown over your shoulder here and drapes down your arm clips into your arm most of the time, but especially bad with any AO animations.

I still think they’re both great styles and played the heck out of her gacha, as I always do.  You can play for the commons, which are the single HUD colors in either the Bella or Lea hair (both are inside 1 machine).  The rares give you fatpacks of Bella or Lea, and I believe there is an ultra rare that gives you both fatpacks.  Butta got it, but not me! *pouts*

One last thing I want to add about Pr!tty hairs, is that the creator is super nice!!  I’ve had to contact her a couple of times about issues (HUD not working, etc.) and she was not only super sweet, but she responded to me promptly (within 24 hours).  Another friend of mine contacted her about something and she had an even better experience with her.  They talked for quite a while.  My friend was having some RL drama that they somehow got to talking about and the creator ended up gifting her some hairs!  I’m not sharing this with you to say “hey this is a great way to get some free stuff!”, but the story my friend shared with me made me love the creator just that much more than I already did, and will make me a forever supporter of her products.

The people that create these amazing things for us in our virtual world are just like you and me.  They’re human.  They’re people with RL jobs, families, drama…whatever.  I have no doubt that they have to deal with some very rude, hateful, ungrateful assholes on a daily basis in SL.  I imagine it takes some thick skin to put up with and deal with these people.  Which is possibly why some creators…aren’t that nice sadly.  Add on top of that, that we treat them a bit like celebrities, because in our little hearts, they kind of are.  They are the Tommy Hilfigers, Calvin Kleins and Versaces of our virtual world.  We place them on a pedestal and “aaaaah” and “ooooooh” over their creations that we love, as we should!  Nothing wrong with being a fan girl mmmk!  But what we forget, is they’re not celebrities.  They’re still John Doe, Sally Jane, the postman that delivers your mail every day, etc.

My point is this: I have dealt with creators who were disrespectful, rude and have basically told me “If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it!”  I have known of creators that refuse to accept that there is anything wrong with their products, refuse to fix issues and just plainly not even respond to someone who politely messages them with a question or a concern.  This is another reason Butta and I felt so compelled to make an honest blog!  When I find a creator that behaves this way, I’m going to let you know.  When I find a creator that goes above and beyond to be helpful, I’m going to share this too.  Because these are the creators that I will always support, and I hope you do as well.  Ok, off my soap box!

Stay tuned…a friend of mine and his partner have built a very beautiful sim that I plan on doing some pics and sharing for you guys.  Take care!

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