Angel…or Devil? You decide!


Well it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve posted anything.  Between RL work, all the Black Friday sales, Christmas Advents, trying to open and wardrobe/organize everything…I have just run out of time!!  I did take some time to do a few photos with some of my new goodies for fun, as you can see above.  Initially, I wasn’t going to blog about them since nothing I was wearing was “current”, but Butta reminded me that we do this blog for us and because it’s fun.  Just because something isn’t from a current event, doesn’t mean people wouldn’t like to know some info about it right?  I see you nodding your head so, I’m just gonna dive right in…

Hair:  Truth – Imani Hair @ the mainstore

I originally bought this hair from the Uber Event in May/June of this year.  It’s now available at his mainstore in the front area where all the newest releases are at.  It is still one of my “go to” updo hairstyles.  It’s no big secret that I absolutely LOVE (yes…I’m talking all caps & bold type kinda love) anything that Truth puts out!  The man can not make anything ugly, I swear!!  Ok, enough fan girling.  One of the great things about Truth’s newest styles, is they all come with stylist HUDs, which I’ve been seeing a lot of top hair designers are starting to do as well.  Yaaaay!  This hair is no different.  Even though it’s an updo, you still have 5 options on how you want to wear this hair.

As you can see, it’s not what I would call a “neat updo”.  It’s a bit of a messy ponytail on top of your head that you can wear a few different ways, with delicate little wisps of hair that frame your face.  Besides the stylist HUD, I think that Truth has some of the most gorgeous, natural hair textures as well.  Did I mention how much I love his stuff?  **Side note: Butta will kill me for mentioning this but, she refused to wear Truth hair until I showed her the error of her ways! haha

Makeup:  Veechi – Distress Shadow, Distress Lipstick @ the mainstore

I have a love/hate relationship with makeup.  In RL, as well as SL.  I don’t want to bore you about my RL, but in SL, makeup can be a bit of a pain in the ass to apply.  A lot of eye-shadows take up 2 or more layers on your mesh head.  Same with some lipsticks.  What if you wear freckles?  If your skin doesn’t have them built already into the applier, a lot of them are separated on a layer so you can have or not have freckles, well then…that’s just a whole lot of layers that won’t mesh together.  Also, SL is notorious for playing jokes on me, making me think my makeup looks fine when to everyone else it doesn’t, or vise versa! *sighs*  I just can’t be bothered most of the time.  This makeup is one of those makeups that I typically just end up throwing up my hands, saying “Eff it!” and moving on to something else.  BUT…Veechi has saved the day!


As you can see, the eye-shadow and the lipsticks are smeared.  So the eye-shadow ends up taking up both your eyebrow layer, eye or eye-shadow layer, as well as a blush layer (where the makeup smears down onto your cheeks).  That’s 3 layers for 1 applier!  Not a big deal, until you go to put on that lipstick, that takes up your lip or lipstick layer, as well as your blush layer (where the lipstick smears onto your face).  But the eye-shadow is already using that blush layer, so when you try to apply one or the other, it gets all messed up.  This is where I usually walk away and give up.  I’ve heard rumors there are ways to manage this, but I’ve never been able to master it.  Even after watching about a dozen “how to” videos from different people, it still never worked for me.  But Veechi includes a step by step, written instruction notecard on how to accomplish this and have all the makeup apply properly!!! *passes out*

So I gotta give them extra brownie points for finally helping this girl out in the makeup department.  Wonder if they could help me out with applying RL makeup too? lol  A few more deets about the makeup, I included snaps of the HUDs so you can see the color options that are available to you in these sets.  This was originally purchased at N21 in October, but is now available at their mainstore along the right hand wall where the new releases are.

Horns:  Decoy – Dragon Temptress Gacha

These horns come from Decoy’s gacha set that was at the September Arcade.  She does have a gacha section at her mainstore, but I was unable to find this set when I checked it just before making this post.  I’m sure she’ll have it there eventually, but in the meantime, there’s probably some on the marketplace if you’d like to buy it that way.  I won’t go into a lot of detail about the set since all I’m wearing from it are the horns.  But the whole set is really well done, as all of Decoy’s stuff is, in my opinion.  Here’s what all you can get from the set just in case you’re interested:

*Picture not done by me – Advertisement*

Halo & Bracelet:  C L A Vv – Shattered Angel Gacha

These items are from the November Gacha Garden Event.  There is a gacha section at the mainstore, however I didn’t find this set up yet either.  So ya gotta wait, or check marketplace if ya want it!  Actually, let me correct that.  The halo you won’t be able to get unless someone is selling it on mp.  The halo was the Seed of Inspiration reward for being a nutso and playing 20 times like me! haha  But the bracelet does come from the gacha set.  Here’s a sneaky peak of the set for you:

*Picture not done by me – Advertisement*

The set comes in gold, white and black.  The commons include the bracelets, chokers and horns.  They are all re-sizable.  The rares are some really awesome looking antlers and wings.  As awesome and beautiful as the wings are, there is a drawback to them.  These are not going to be your every day, wearing around sim hopping, showing off your style in da club, kinda wings.  They’re pretty much going to have to be for your personal viewing pleasure and for photos only sadly.  Why is that, you ask?  I’ll show you…

See anything concerning in this picture?  No…it’s not that I’m butt ass naked!  Look at that complexity total!!!!  OMFG!  These wings, when worn together (each side is worn separate by the way, and lets be honest…who wears just a left or a right wing?) is just under 550,000 complexity!  My avatar with just my mesh body and head on, sits roughly around 20k I think.  Typically, fully dressed and ready to step out (hair, makeup, jewelry, outfit, etc), I average around 50-90k max.  I personally have my settings set to not show anyone who is over 100k complexity and I know that a lot of people do as well.  I won’t get into the specifics about what exactly complexity is, but here are some helpful articles courtesy of Butta that she found for me: FS Avatar Complexity Settings, Secondlife Avatar Rendering Complexity.

So while these wings are beautiful, and they’re definitely “Oooooh” and “Aaahhhh” worthy…chances are no one will see them if you’re wearing them out to an event or a club.  Not to mention, you’re going to be a major cause for lag, which is totally not cool.  The rest of the pieces in this set however, are not high on ARC at all.  Completely understandable, because those wing have a ton going on, which is why they’re so amazing.  Let’s just keep them to pictures and private dances in the clouds though shall we? 🙂  Speaking of wings…

Wings:  Lassitude & Ennui – Seraphim Wings Gacha @ mainstore

I wish I could take credit for finding these little gems, but I can’t.  Butta was out (probably shopping without me *grumbles*) somewhere and some lovely avatar beauty was wearing these.  She quickly used the “What is she wearing” HUD to find out the details on the wings.  She searched high and low, across the SL seas, and finally found them!  And guess what!  You can find them too at the mainstore!  Let the happy dances begin!

These wings come from a gacha set, that was originally available at the Gacha Garden event way back in February.  Right now, these are my favorite wings that I own.  Hands down.  They don’t have a high ARC so you can wear them every day if you want.  They’re incredibly detailed.  They come with a HUD that changes the animation of the wings.  There are 6 static poses and 2 flying animations.

They are bento and rigged, so they move with your avatar smoothly.  The commons come in beautiful color options, and the 2 rares come in white or black with a color HUD that allows you to change the lower feather colors.  (I’m wearing the rare black dipped in the pics by the way)

*Picture not done by me – Advertisement*

Here’s a video the creator made that I found from her Flickr.  I thought I’d share, because words fail at trying to explain how well these wings are done.  Seraphim Wings  Now go out and get you a set!  Or, if you’re like me and Butta…just collect every freaking one of them!  We won’t judge! lol

The last few things I’m going to write about, can’t be seen all that well in my artsy fartsy pictures that I did.  So I’m going to share my before pictures, prior to the second step of photoshop effects being applied, so you can see the items a bit better 🙂


Nails, Spine & Shoes:  CerberusXing – Salient Talons, Chine’s Constraint & Implant Revived @                                               mainstore

All of these items are now at the CerberusXing mainstore.  I went a little crazy during their Black Friday sale.  I am a huge fan of their creations.  Most of the things they make are not for the faint at heart!  They’re dark, gory, grungy, bloody…you get the picture.  But their designs are unique, incredibly detailed, make for a great conversational piece and are great for pictures.

The Salient Talons are worn over your fingers, giving you claws.  Originally sold at the Fall Project Se7en event, they come in black, gold or silver.  They have materials enabled and are just super cool looking!  Check them out here from the creator themselves.

Chine’s Constraint was released at N21 in May I believe?  It has a collar around your neck that attaches to a spine, that goes down your back, ending in a pointed tail on your…well…your butt crack! lol  I don’t know how else to say it so there, I said it!  I’ve seen several skeletal spines, but I think this is my favorite one.  It comes in black, gold and silver as well, with materials enabled.

The shoes, called Implant Revived (they are a remake of a previous version released a couple years ago), are one of the “not for the faint at heart” items I mentioned before.  The heel is made up of a metal spike, attached to a metal heel base, and barbed wire goes around the top of your foot holding these bad boys in place.  Yikes!  They even come with a bloody heel applier using the Omega system.

Poses:  Artis – The Shame Stand @ mainstore

Another goody I picked up during the Black Friday sales.  This stand is a marble looking pillar that includes 7 poses.  It includes some standing poses as well as some sitting/kneeling poses.  As the name indicates, each pose is her interpretation of what “shame” looks like.  The poses are very well done and definitely convey that feeling through the body language of the pose.  Each pose is adjustable through the menu.  I did small tweaks to the poses using my animare HUD, but it was only because the slight head turn, or leg placement just fit my visualization a little better.

According to the info I found on her Flickr, she released this at the Expose event last year.  After buying literally, half of her store up, I did have a chance to speak with the creator.  She’s not only a very talented artist and creator in SL, but she’s also very sweet and nice.  Anytime I find a designer that is talented, but more importantly, genuinely kind…I am a huge fan!  Even though she doesn’t have a ton of new things in her store right now, her poses and props are still top notch!  You won’t be disappointed if you check her store out, promise! 🙂

Whew!  This was a doozy of a post!  Time to pass out for realz this time…

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