‘Tis the Season to be Naughty


I’ve got a lot of goodies to cover in this post and guess what!  They’re all from current events! lol  Well…mostly.  Here’s a break down of what’s being covered:
The Arcade: Doe, N-Core & Mutresse
Collabor88:  Half-Deer, Moon Amore
Cosmopolitan:  Dirty Princess
Kinky Monthly:  Krescendo
Tannenbaum:  Cae
Misc:  Artis/Aerial Poses, oOo Studio
Hair:  Doe – Noel & Nole Hair Gacha @ The Arcade
Butta & I have a bit of a Doe hair obsession, especially her gacha hairs that she makes.  We’re convinced she’s a machine or an alien.  The girl is in tons of different events each month.  How does she do it?!  This month at The Arcade, she has the Noel & Nole hairs available to play for.  I believe Butta will be discussing the Noel hair in her post here, so I’m just going to talk about the Nole hair.
One of my favorite things about Doe is she’s phenomenal at making one of my favorite hairstyles…pigtails!  Who doesn’t love pigtails, am I right?!  Another thing that’s awesome about her hair is, often (especially with her pigtail hairs) you get the option of solid or two-tone on the hair.  So your left and right side can be the same, or entirely different colors!  I’ve noticed a few other hair designers are starting to do this with a few of their styles, but Doe has the best variety available, so keep that in mind if that’s something you like.  The Nole Pigtails hair from this gacha is two-toned, but I don’t believe that the Noel Updo is.
Doe’s hair textures are also very nice.  Her solid colors have a very wide range of tones, as well as a few ombre or dyed tips included (ie. the hair in the picture is brown with blonde tips).  My favorite color HUD of hers is the Candy HUD, but in the gacha sets it’s usually a rare, so I don’t always get it. *cries*  The Nole hair is a definite to add to your collection.  Via the HUD, you can add/remove the bangs (I’m wearing the bangs in my picture btw), you can dye both left and right sides of the hair, resize the hair if you’re wearing the unrigged version, and also the HUD is where you select the light options.
The lights are worn separately, which I think is a great thing!  This makes the hair wearable all year round, not just for the Christmas season.  The above picture is the color options for the lights on the HUD.  Included with the hair are blinking lights, or bright (non blinking) lights to wear.  One thing I wanted to mention about the hair that I had a slight issue with and I think you should be aware of is the possible alpha clipping you might get when wearing the hair and eyelashes together.
As you can see in the video, there is a bit of clipping when I blink my eyes where the eyelash alpha & the bang alpha don’t mesh together.  It’s not a creator flaw, it’s just the nature of how mesh and alphas work together.  If this drives you crazy, or if you’re trying to do a picture using this hair (because it is almost impossible to fix in editing), I’d suggest wearing the unrigged version so you can enlarge the hair enough so that they aren’t so close together and clip.
Necklace:  Cae – Reindeer Necklace @ Tannenbaum
Cae is one of my favorite jewelry designers in SL.  Her stuff is very well designed, low ARC and hugely detailed.  It also fits really well.  One of the things that for me, makes me shy away from wearing jewelry a lot, is how difficult it can be to get it to actually fit well and still look right.  The necklace is unrigged, so you are able to move it around for the perfect position and via the HUD, you are able to resize it as well as select from silver, gold or bronze options.  My picture doesn’t really show the necklace, so here’s a little close up for ya.  It’s SUPER cute!
 Bodysuit:  Dirty Princess – Daddy’s Naughty Baby Princess Bodysuit @ Cosmopolitan
Dirty Princess is notorious for making sexy and risque outfits, and this one is no different.  If you wanna be Snow White but with a sexy twist…Dirty Princess is who you wanna check out for all your costumes with a naughty side to them.  She has a dirty mind and I love it!  This bodysuit comes in 7 colors individually or you can buy the fatpack.  Inside you will see 2 versions of the bodysuit.  There is the “clean” version (as seen in the first blog pic), and the “naughty” version (as seen in the 2nd blog pic).  What’s the difference?  In the naughty version of the bodysuit, the crotch is pulled over to the side, showing your bits.  The clean one covers up your bits! 🙂
Here’s an example of the HUD that comes with the bodysuit.  These are also all the color options that are available to buy individually or as a fatpack.  The bodysuit has a lace trim along the chest, back and on the sleeves (see below example) and then a trim area in front and back, that has metal eyelet hooks.  All 3 of these are changeable through the HUD.  The texture of the bodysuit is knit, and down by the left thigh, there is the word “Naughty” in white.  This can not be changed or removed, fyi.
My only complaint about the bodysuit is there are some clipping areas with my AO or with posing, that aren’t fixable through alphas.  It doesn’t happen a lot, but it is there, so just wanted to mention it for you.  It mostly happens around the shoulders and upper back when my AO or pose raises my arms, or around my waist in the back.  I also noticed that the crotch area of the “clean” version bodysuit is a bit baggy, as you can see here in the example picture.
Shoes:  N-Core – Valkyrie Boots Gacha @ The Arcade
N-Core has long been a great designer of shoes, and they continue that reputation with this gacha set.  The boots from this set come in knee high or thigh high versions to play for.  There is also 2 rares in the set, that aren’t boots but a fur hoody and fur wrist & ankle cuffs.  I didn’t get them though *pouts and curses the gacha Gods*  Here’s a peak at all that you can get from the set:
Pic not done by me – Advertisement
The boots are a leather texture with fur fringe along the edge.  The great thing about these boots, other than they are super cute and really well done, is that each one comes with a HUD that has several options on it.
You’re able to change everything but the main color of the boots.  You can change the fur color, the sole color, as well as the heel colors.  Also,  you can change the heel style, which is pretty awesome I think, kind of giving each one 2 different looks to them.  So what’s the difference between thin or thick heels?  Glad you asked!  Let me show ya! 🙂
Thin Heel Option
Thick Heel Option
The heels are a wooden texture.  I loved these boots!  The only things to note about them that I think you should be aware of, is that I did have to alpha out a bit of the back of my legs in the thigh high version.  Just make sure you alpha only the back of your leg that clips, and not the front, because you’ll see part of your leg missing!  I also think that some of the color options are a bit too bright, such as the red or pink.  This isn’t a horrible thing, but it makes it very hard to color coordinate with outfits.  All designers have their own “colors”.  Not all reds are created equal ha ha.  But the colors on these boots are way bright, so if matching colors as close as you can is your thing (like it is mine), it’s gonna be difficult.  I tried looking to see if the boots were modifiable and maybe the textures are just on “full bright” and that would fix the issue, but sadly…they can’t be modified at all so…it is what it is!
Signs:  (used in both blog pics) Krescendo – Santa’s Naughty Neons @ Kinky Monthly
Krescendo makes a lot of great stuff…but they can also be pervy mother fuckers too! lol  I say this with ♥ though.  Each month, you can count on them to have some super pervy neon walls signs at the Kinky Monthly event, and this month took the cake in the perv department!  Just take a look at the signs available in this months gacha:
Pic not done by me – Advertisement
I couldn’t resist coupling the rare #1 sign with the new Dirty Princess bodysuit, and letting my own perv out to play for a picture. 🙂  The signs are well done and detailed.  Through the menu, you can turn the lights on/off, as well as make the light blink/not blink.  The letters themselves are white outlined in red.  They are modifiable, so you can resize and also change the colors if you desire to, which is what I did in the first blog picture.  The light effect on the signs is very bright, just like a neon sign should be, but if it’s too bright…like I said, you can turn that off.  Can’t wait to see what pervy pic Butta comes up with for these! lol
Elfs:  Mutresse – Naughty Elf Gacha @ The Arcade
Come on, who’s not a fan of the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ theme?  I don’t have kids of my own, but when this whole Elf on a Shelf hit the market, I wanted kids just so I could participate!  Seriously! lol  Mutresse makes awesome clothing and shoe designs, but for her gachas at The Arcade, she typically deviates a bit from fashion and does something cute, silly and decor related.  This was one of my most look forward to gachas to play when I went.  Those that can’t do in RL, do in SL I guess! lol  These little elves are very well detailed, cute, sweet, devious…they’re just awesome!  It’s worth getting them all, I think!  Here’s a peak at all the ones you can get:
Pic not done by me – Advertisement
Christmas Decor:  Half-Deer – Christmas Decor Set (in Noir) @ Collabor88
One of the Queens of cute decor is Half-Deer.  This is a Christmas decoration set that comes in 5 different color options and the set includes all you need to make your house festive for the holidays.  The colors available are Traditional (reds, greens, golds), Noir (blacks, whites & greys, used in my pic), Pale Vintage (off white, cream, pale pinks), Princess (bright pink and pastels) and Ice Blue (white, pale blues).  Each set comes with a bare tree un-decorated but with lights, a tree fully decorated with lights and ornaments, a mini tree that is decorated, ornament garland to hang, presents in small and large bundles, matching tree skirt and a wreath.  The trees, garland and wreath have lights that glow softly but do not blink.  Each piece is separate and can be resized, but bare in mind that will also affect your land impact.  This set, like all things by Half-Deer, is beautiful and it was really hard to fight the urge to get the fatpack, but…Christmas does only come around once a year *sighs*
Poses:  (first blog pic) Artis/Aerial Poses – Steampunk Set @ Mainstore
Huge fan of all things made by Tamara Artis, so here’s another great pose made by her.  It’s from the Steampunk pose set, and is a set of 10 standing poses.  Her poses are really great to use for all photography or blogging needs.  Her poses aren’t the same old boring stands.  Each one is a bit unique and different from a lot of other poses, be it the positioning of the hands, legs, etc.  She pays a lot of attention to the body mechanics of a pose to convey a “feeling” through them, which is why I love them so much.
(second blog pic, yesss the naughty one!) oOo Studio – Self Service / Hers @ Mainstore
This pose came from a gacha that is available to play in their mainstore.  When I combined the Krescendo sign and the Dirty Princess bodysuit, I knew I had my vision of what my picture should look like, but I couldn’t find a pose that I liked.  Butta told me about this set of poses, and I’m so glad that she did because it was perfect!!  This gacha includes 8 poses, all of a naughty “touch myself” theme.  There is a Hers and a His version, so guys…don’t feel left out!  Here’s a look at all the poses that are available:
Pic not done by me – Advertisement
String of lights:  Moon Amore – Falalala Socks & Lights @ Collabor88
I’m wearing only the lights from this set, and we will follow up with another more in depth blog post about the socks and lights at a future date 🙂

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