Sami’s December Luxebox Review: Part 2 – Rowne, GoS, Vision


Since I got to write the review over the worst item in Luxebox this month, I think it’s only fair that I get to write the review over the best items from the box this month, don’t you? lol  So here is my part 2 of the Luxebox review for the month of December, and inside you will find: GoS, Rowne and Vision.  This will probably be the last review of Luxebox I do for a little while, so at least I’m going to end it on a good note, with some really nice things!

Dress:  Rowne – Kate Velvet Dress

Omg I looooooooove this dress!!!  It’s not overly fancy, doesn’t have a lot of frills or bells and whistles to it, but it’s still a very sexy, very well done dress.  It comes in sizes for: Freya, Isis, Hourglass and Maitreya.  The fit is absolutely perfect!  It hugs all the right curves, doesn’t gap, doesn’t break.  Seriously, it’s awesome!  Only thing you’ll have to do probably is alpha out your nipples, because they will poke through the dress but no biggie.  Oh and I did have a tiny bit of clipping on my left waist where my body poked through when I was posing, fyi.

As the name of the dress says, it’s a velvet texture and this has to be one of the best velvet textures I’ve seen anyone do!  It looks so real, and so soft, you want to reach into your computer and run your fingers over it.  Bet you want to touch my ass don’t you? lol

As you can barely see, the little bit of my left side poking out in this pose, but not all that much and it is totally fixable by doing a quick alpha adjustment.  But do you see what I mean about the velvet texture! ♥  Gaaaaah it’s so pretty!  Ok ok enough about the velvet.  The dress comes in 6 color options via HUD, as seen below:

Lingerie:  Vision – Victoria Lingerie Set

Another great item this month in Luxebox is the lingerie set from Vision.  Vision is one of my favorite places to buy lingerie because they have great textures, so many color options and it almost 100% of the time fits with zero issues.  This set comes in sizes for: Freya, Isis, Hourglass and Maitreya.  The bra/top and the panties/bottoms are worn separately, which I think is always kind of a nice thing to be able to have, in case you want to mix and match with something else or just wear the top with some shorts, etc.

You can change 6 parts of the set, as well as the 2 metal pieces on the back, via HUD.  This HUD is to the best of my knowledge, what is their fatpack HUD.  See pics below:

Showing each piece that can be changed in a different color.  What a sexy look huh? lol
Showing the back and metal pieces that can be changed

Shoes:  GoS – Venus Sandals

Last but not least, we have the heels from GoS.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I got the 3 best items from this box to review! lol  These shoes are gorgeous and perfect.  They come in sizes for: Belleza, Slink and Maitreya.  The creator includes shoes with or without materials.  There are 5 “metal” color options, and then 5 “shiny” color options.  The color changes the entire shoe, so you’re not able to make the the strap a different color from the base color, like you can with Empire, but you are able to change the main color, sole color, linings and metals.  See pictures below for a close up and for HUD:


So there you have it!  I do want to say that I feel like these 3 items alone, well make up for the few items that were less than great this month in Luxebox.  Hell, the Vision lingerie alone would cost over L$2000 to buy the fatpack of.  So did I get my L$1500 worth out of Luxebox this month?  Absolutely!  I won’t deny that I did.  But my disgruntled attitude towards Luxebox, and the decision to no longer purchase, doesn’t really come from a place of feeling as if I didn’t get my moneys worth from the box.

Sure there are always going to be items you don’t really like, or maybe you would have preferred not to get.  That’s why it’s a mystery box.  You’re taking a chance of getting items that you may or may not be too thrilled about.  That’s not the issue.  But over the months and years that Luxebox has been around, it has begun to decline in quality.  The items are no longer “luxe” quality.  The items are feeling more and more just plain…boring.  They look like retextured versions of stuff that creators already have out.  Or they’re the exact same thing they already have out, but one thing is slightly different.  The items just plain don’t fit, etc.

It almost seems, as if some of the creators in Luxebox the last few months, either don’t have the passion to make things for Luxebox anymore, or they’re just too busy to really put forth much effort.  I can totally understand and appreciate that if that’s the case, because I don’t just buy Luxebox.  I play all the gacha events, I go to all the main big shopping events, and I see how many things each creator is putting out every month.  I don’t even know how they manage to do it all!  But if you’re stretched too thin, or just don’t have the time, then why make people who have loved Luxebox for years, pay the price of being so disappointed.  Luxebox used to be a monthly excitement, almost like Christmas.  But the last 2 months for me personally, has been more like a wishful hoping that at least half of the items are wearable/usable.  It shouldn’t be like that!

But that still isn’t the main reason I’ll no longer be purchasing Luxebox.  The main reason, is in how poorly they are handling the customer service aspects of it.  As I mentioned in my previous post, despite the non-stop chatter in the group about how disappointed people were last month, and especially this month, not a single creator/moderator (with the exception of Lamb) said a single thing in group or addressed any issues.  Granted I’m not on 24/7, but I am on a lot more than I’d like to admit, and I figure at least at some point I would have seen something, but nope.  Nothing from anyone!

And I am so sick to death of people acting as if the items we get from Luxebox are free items, or gift items, therefore we just shouldn’t complain and be happy with what we get.  I don’t complain about free things, ok!  If I don’t like a gift or free item, I just trash it.  No harm done, I just didn’t like it.  But even though this box is only L$1500 and a hell of a deal, I still paid L$1500 for them.  I at least would like to be able to wear or use the items, even if I don’t absolutely love them!  And I at least deserve a response from a creator when I ask them about an update possibly.  Butta didn’t even get a response at all last month when she messaged a creator about the texture being messed up on her dress.  I at least got a smart ass “what’s wrong with it? lol” response but still…

Bottom line is, I now have 2 creators added to my list of places that I will never shop from (Luxebox OR in world at events) and as long as they remain part of the Luxebox creation team, I refuse to support them.  Sadly this means I will miss out on some really great items from the other creators, but that’s just how it has to be.  And I very seriously doubt that anyone of importance reads my blog, but…on the off chance that they are, owners of Luxebox…you really need to start making some changes.  Because as a whole, people are fed up with what’s been happening and I’m willing to bet that you’ve seen a steady decline in your subscriptions over the last few months, and you will again in January I’m sure.  If there aren’t some changes made, it won’t be long before Luxebox will just be a thing of the past, and maybe…that’s for the best anyways. *shrugs*

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