F is for Friday (Sales)!!!


Yes, I made another naughty picture that needs to be censored!  So sue me! lol  I’ve been in SL for a little over 8 years now, and there’s one thing I’ve been doing religiously since I was just a wee avatar in all of my newbie sexiness..and that’s doing the Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) list.  I bet you thought I was going to say visiting nude beaches, didn’t you? 😛

Unless you live under a rock in SL or never shop, like…ever!  Then you know what FLF is.  It’s become mine and Butta’s Friday “thing”.  Even if I work the night before or whatever, she waits for me to do the list.  We get really sad if we can’t do it together.  Seriously!  Awwww right?  Some weeks are better than others of course.  We may not buy anything at all, or we might buy all da stuffs!  This week was a really really great week.  I know that it’s no longer Friday now that I’m posting this (thanks work & being sick!), but have no fear!  I think a lot of stores actually leave their items out past Friday.  It’s worth going and checking it out, because there were a lot of really great things this week.  Which is what spawned my desire to do a post of it.  So if you’ve never done FLF, or you’ve wondered “Is it really worth it?” then I’m here to help ya with that!  Ready..set…go!

Bathroom Picture:

Hair:  Clawtooth – Simply Saturday (This weeks FLF)

This week Clawtooth had the Simply Saturday hair out for sale in brunettes or blondes.  Those are like, 2 of the most popular colors in SL!  How awesome is that?!  Many times I’ve found that when a hair store has one of their hairs on the FLF list, it’s in a very limited color palette.  Either in some off the wall colors or maybe just 4 “normal” colors.  But Clawtooth gave us the entire color palette for either brunettes or blondes, for just L$50!

I needed another new hair like I needed another hole in my head but I couldn’t resist this cute hairstyle.  It’s an adorable ponytail, high up on your head, with some subtle wisps of hair around your face and in the back.  How could I not get it!  Seriously!

Top:  Lazybones – Eloise Crop Top (This weeks FLF) *not pictured is the Leya Leggings*

At Lazybones, they had their Eloise Crop Top and the Leya Leggings out for L$50, each.  Both items were only in purple, which is fairly typical of the items that you will find on the list.  Most stores put out items they have previously released in just one color, or some will even do an “exclusive” color for FLF, which is pretty nice.  Especially if you already bought the original item and you can add the new color.  It’s like a bonus!

Showing the Leya Leggings

I didn’t own anything from Lazybones, so I decided to grab these to see how I liked them.  That’s another great thing about FLF.  It’s a great opportunity for you to discover new designers, test out their items and see how they fit, texture, etc. at a really low price.  “Well that’s what demos are for Sami, duh!”  Yes, true!  Buuuut, not all demos show you the textures, or it’s just in one color, or whatever.  It’s just L$50 ffs! sheesh!

I was happy with the set from Lazybones for the most part.  I thought the textures and colors were really nice.  The pants needed some alpha help, but that’s easily fixed.  The fit was great, except for one thing.  I had to lower my breast size from 68 to 62 in order for my tatas not to break through the shirt.  Not a huge change.  Certainly didn’t make me flat chested or anything like that, but still…I really hate having to change my shape for an outfit.  So I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them at future events, but will still double check and try demos before dropping more than L$50 on something from them.

Shorts:  Boom – Cozy Shorts (This weeks FLF) *shown in both pictures*

Boom wasn’t officially on the FLF list this week, but they had an item out anyway, since last week they were MIA.  They had the Cozy Shorts out in 2 colors this week, L$50 each.  You could purchase them in either black or white, which is great!  Those are the colors everyone usually wants anyway right?

These shorts are quite interesting, because they can be nice…or naughty!  They include a HUD.  If you click on “nice”, you wear the shorts just like normal.  If you click on “naughty”, the shorts suddenly drop down to your knees, which is what gave me the idea for the picture!  Very naughty indeed! lol  If you click on “BOOM” on the HUD, then the shorts are removed completely.  I really liked the shorts, and for the most part the fit was great.  My only complaint is that
the shorts are quite baggy in the crotch area when wearing them normally.  Anyone who’s good at camming around will be able to see all your business, whether you have them on nice or naughty!  If that’s a deal breaker for you, then you might want to pass these up because I’m not sure if you can wear any panties under.  Possibly an applier would work but sadly, I suck and didn’t think to try that out.

Shoes:  Reign – Mini Slips Corduroy Pack (This weeks FLF) *worn in both pictures*

Sloppy Wear
Normal Wear

Reign is frequently on the FLF list, and if you like cute shoes, then you don’t want to miss her when she’s on the list.  She very often puts out one of her popular shoe styles in an exclusive, new texture pack.  This week she released the Mini Slip shoes in a corduroy pack.  These are cute slip on shoes that come in 4 styles.  You can wear them like normal, you can wear them as stepped on (which is your heel stepping on the back part of the shoe because you’re just so lazy you can’t be bothered).  You can also wear them sloppy (which is one on in a normal way and the other as stepped on), and then there are the tippies, which is worn with your high feet.  Normal, stepped on and sloppy are all worn with flat feet.

Tippies Wear


Stepped On Wear

These are a definite must have staple shoe to have in your wardrobe to wear.  Let’s be real people.  We don’t always have to wear high heels!  These shoes fit great and she does an awesome job at texturing them.  The corduroy texture looks real.  Even the rubber sole looks like the real deal!  There are 25 main colors to choose from, 3 tag colors and 3 sole colors as well.

Butta & Sami Picture:

Every single item in this picture is an item bought from FLF or the new Fly By Friday sale!  See what great stuff you can get on Fridays!!!  No wonder they say T.G.I.F. hehe

(On Butta) –

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Hazel Hair (from one of the October FLF lists)

Top:  Empire – Lilly Top (from one of the December FLF lists)

Skirt:  Caboodle – Liza Layered Skirt (this weeks FLF)

This was one of my favorite things this week on the list.  It’s a very cute, girly, frilly skirt.  The skirt came in 3 color packs available to purchase at L$50 each.  I couldn’t resist getting them all!  Each set came with a solid skirt, or a lace skirt.  The skirts have 2 layers to them.  On the lace version of the skirt, the top layer is lace and there are several options for the style of lace you can choose.

That’s the skirt in the lace option.  One of the cool things I discovered since buying all the color packs, is that the color HUDs all work on the skirts.  So you can really mix and match your colors up.  Here in this picture, I choose the light pink from color pack #1, the black lace from color pack #3, and the white layer on the bottom from the #1 color pack again.  Super cute I think!  The fit was great.  I saw no issues with breaking, even when walking.  There were of course some poses or animations that caused my hand or arm to go through the skirt, but that’s expected when you wear a poofy skirt like this.

(On Sami)-

Hair:  Besom – Bratty Baby Hair (this weeks FLF)

While you’re picking up Reign’s shoes, go ahead and snag up Besom’s hair this week too, because she’s also in the FLF list.  And guess what!  It’s a fatpack!!!  I told you this week was totally awesome!  It’s another very cute, high ponytail style of hair.  Not that I needed it, but Besom is one of the hair designers I haven’t worn very much of.  So this was the perfect time to try it out.

I was pleasantly surprised with this hair, and I’m so glad I decided to buy it.  Some of her styles in the past have seemed “not me”, because they looked like they’d be too big.  But this hair was really well done and adorable.  Plus, fatpack for L$50 you can’t beat that!  I also love that she has root options on her HUDs.

The hair does come in a version for bigger boobs, so busty girls don’t need to worry about that being an issue.  There’s also a version for smaller breasted as well.

Top:  Justice – Callie Shirt (This weeks Fly By Friday)

Similar to FLF is the new Fly By Friday.  Join the subscriber and it will send you the shopping HUD each week, or find it on the marketplace.  This week Justice has out the Callie Shirt in 5 color options to buy, each L$50.  As you can see in the pictures above with the Besom hair, the top has a sheer section on the chest in black.  The original shirt has options to make this part a solid color, sheer or have a different sheer texture, but this version is just the plain sheer option in black as you see it.  So I just wanted to make sure people are aware of that prior to purchase.

The sleeves of the top come just past your elbows.  The fit was loose at the bottom, which will allow you to wear some (but not all) bottoms underneath it.  It paired perfectly with the Boom shorts.  There were a few breaking issues with arm movements in both armpit areas during certain poses and animations, but for the most part I had no issues with the fit of the shirt at all.

 One thing that was a bit of an annoyance about the shirt however, was that when you take the shirt off, the auto-alpha doesn’t go with it so…you’re left with part of your body missing.  Keep that body HUD handy so you can fix it afterwards.

Shorts & Shoes:  Boom & Reign (already covered in previous picture above)


Commoner – 2018 Wall Calendar & New Year Chatterbox (this weeks FLF)

The calendar is 3 LI, and you can resize it if you’d like, which of course will change the LI.  You can only apply 1 texture to it and you change the months by clicking on the calendar.  One of my favorite things Commoner makes is Chatterboxes.  If you’re as old as I am in SL, you may remember something called “The Truth Ball”.  This is pretty much the same thing.  It’s 50 random questions, all surrounding a theme that he makes for the box.  This weeks theme is ‘New Year’.  It’s a great way to get to know people, bring up things you can discuss and just waste away some time.  Each person clicks on the box and is given a question in local chat to answer.  Each box is 1 LI when rez’d out.  They are no copy/mod so make sure you pick yours up when you’re done.  I’ve almost deleted them a few times accidentally.

What Next – House Plants (April FLF), Sunflower Pitcher (July FLF), Vintage Space Heater (this weeks FLF)

Snip from advertisement, not done by me

This cute little vintage space heater comes in 12 color options by clicking on the heater.  They are copyable, so you can rez out as many of them as you’d like.  They are 1 LI each.  They are modifiable as well if you’d like them to be a different size, just remember that that will effect your LI like always.

What Next always makes the cutest decor items and they’re frequently on the FLF list, so definitely worth scanning the list and swinging by to pick up their items when they’re on there.  They also have a new VIP group gift out now as well, so don’t forget to grab that up!

Half-Deer – Single Rose (June FLF), Chroma Glass Shelves (July FLF), Book Cluter (this weeks FLF)

Snip from advertisement, not done by me

Another favorite decor store that’s frequently on the FLF list is Half-Deer.  She makes the cutest, frilly, girly decor ever.  And if you love pastels, then you probably own at least one of her items I bet.  This week she has out the cute book clutter decor.  The pack comes in 3 different color options, and 2 clutter options, stacked or shelved.

Each stack is 1 LI when rez’d out.  They are copy/mod/no trans, so you can also adjust sizing if you’d like.

Floorplan – Go Fuck Theyself Neon Sign (October FLF)

– Moon Chair Tropical (July FLF)

Dysfunctionality – Furry Rug (this weeks FLF)

Snip from advertisement, not done by me

Another frequent store on the FLF list is Dysfunctionality.  She also does the 25L Thursdays (I think that’s the name?) as well, and often has both items out next to each other at her store and leaves it available through the whole weekend, so you can grab both.  This week she has out a super cute furry rug.  The rug is 1 LI.  Copy/mod/no trans.  Comes in high LOD or low LOD, materials enabled, and clicking on the rug you get 11 texture options for the rug.  The texture is very well done.  There is 1 single person sitting animation built into the rug.  Rugs are one piece of decor I tend to overlook or forget about, until I’m trying to set up my house or set up a scene for a picture and I always think “Damnit..if only I had a rug!”  So I had to snag this one up since it’s so pretty and well done.

Culprit – FuzzyWuzzy Panda (this weeks Fly By Friday)

Pandas are my thing.  If there is something that has a panda on it, I’m gonna buy it.  I can’t help it.  Panda is my nickname in RL to certain people, so I consider panda my spirit animal haha.  I’m not that familiar with Culprit, but when I saw the picture of the panda I had to check it out and I’m so glad I did.

This is a panda (other options were bear or polar bear) chair.  It’s 6 LI and comes with multiple single sits and sleeps.  Also has several couples/friends sits and sleeps, all PG.  The little surprise I found when trying out the animations was a jumping animation.  You can jump on your poor panda, and he blinks his eyes to the rhythm of your jumping, almost as if he’s thinking “Oof!  Oof!  Get off me!” haha  See the video.  I kinda feel sorry for the poor panda.

Lisp – Heritage Panel Walls (this weeks FLF)

Tired of having boring, plain walls inside your home?  Well these are a must have!  These are really pretty panel walls that come in 2 different sets, L$50 for each set.  Each set includes 3 different color options, and has 3 different size options for the wall.

2 different color sets shown, 2 sizes shown

In the picture above, the top 3 are the colors in one set, the bottom 3 are the color options you get in the second set.  The picture only shows 2 of the size options that they come in however.  They are copy/mod/no trans, so you can rez out as many as you’d like and stretch them to fit your walls just perfectly!  They’re 1 LI each and of course, like always, resizing will affect LI.  They’re great for giving a new look to a room, or just setting up for a picture scene like I did.  Definitely keep your eye out for these!

And that’s it for this post!  There were other great items out this week on FLF that I snagged up but didn’t show off.  This really was one of the best weeks I’ve ever seen for FLF.  Make sure you join the group or subscriber (I think there’s one) to get your list sent to you each week, or feel free to message me or Butta in world and we’ll slip you the list! hehe  Take care!

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