Into the Void…of Gachas!

With the collapse of LuxeBox, Butta and I were left with the question “So what should we blog about now?”  Of course we didn’t blog just about LuxeBox, but it was kind of the focus of our reviews.  We really enjoy reviewing things out there that not everyone gets a chance to see or try demos for.  We want you to know the good and bad of a product, before you toss out that hard earned linden for something you might be less than pleased with.

Next to shopping, our biggest addiction is playing gachas.  “Pfft, but you can try on demos for gachas Sami..duh!”  Yes smarty pants, you typically can!  But not all gachas have demos.  Some of the demos only show you the rare item, so you have no idea really what the commons might look like.  You very rarely find demos of accessories, buildings, etc.  Plus, sometimes the gacha sims are impossible to get into the first week.  Once you finally make it in, the lag sometimes is so bad you can’t really demo even if you wanted to!  So you’re stuck grabbing the demo, tp’ing home to try the demo on, then trying to get back!  Who’s got time for that!?!  So Butta and I are here to help ya out girls and boys! 😉

Ok, nevermind that we’re just now posting stuff for Epiphany and PocketGacha (which both started on Jan 15th).  It’s a lot of work being a professional gacha player and seller.  It takes time sorting through all of this stuff, figuring out what to keep or not keep, blah blah…so you’re gonna have to cut us some slack.  We’ll work on getting these out a bit faster, but I’m not making any promises! lol

Here in this post, I’ll be covering a few of my very favorite pieces from Epiphany & PocketGacha.

For limos to the events, click here:  Epiphany (main sim), Epiphany (mirror sim), PocketGacha

Outfit: Voluptas Virtualis – Noa Set Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

The Epiphany - Noa Set//

O..M..G!!!  Within 5 seconds of putting this outfit on, I quickly staked claim to blogging about this set.  It was my absolute favorite item that we played at Epiphany this month.  There were a lot of great things there, like always.  But this one, for me, was the show stopper!  The fit is amazing, the design is gorgeous and sooooooo sexy!!!  I was so in love with it after putting it on, I even wore it out for a couple days on shopping excursions with Butta.  I didn’t give a toot that I was only half dressed!  All my bits were covered up (mostly) and I looked beautiful!



So the details about this set for ya…it’s available for Maitreya Lara or Slink Hourglass bodies only.  There are 5 total pieces to collect for the entire set in each color, except for the rare sets.  The rares only come in 2 pieces.  The common pieces are: gloves, collar & armbands, bra, panties and boots.  There are a total of 5 common colors: white, champagne, soft pink, hot pink and emerald (which is sooooo pretty!!).  The rares come in black or red sets, and there are 2 pieces to collect for them: bra, panties and collar (in 1 set) and armbands, gloves and boots (in 1 set).  The bra, as you will see, is a tad nippley.  So if you’re a modest one, you might not like the bra.


Gloves & Hand Gems

Each item comes with a HUD that allows you to change multiple things.  One HUD will work on all items, so I give brownie points to this creator for that!  As an avid wardrober, there’s nothing I hate more than having dozens of pieces for a set, and then having a separate HUD for each single item too. *sighs*  FYI…Since this HUD works on all pieces, if you’re wearing more than one item at a time, it will apply what you select to every single worn item.  So, if you want one piece to have certain effects applied to it, but not others (such as gem colors different on bra and panties), you will have to wear the pieces separately.  Just wear the bra, select the gem colors you want, take it off, then put on the panties and select your gem colors for that, then put the bra back on.  Viola!  So what can you change?

Gems in light blue & green

This is a monster of a HUD, so I’ll explain what you see.  On the “main” tab of the HUD, starting from top to bottom:  there are 5 metal color options and you can adjust the glossiness (shininess) of the metals on the set.  Under that you can adjust glossiness of the fabric.  The materials are done extremely well on this set, so just be aware of that.  If you are trying to take a picture while wearing this set, you may not want all that glossiness.  You can really see the materials in the shiny part of the boots on the left knee in my picture, just for an example.  See video for another example.  Next, is the fun part of the HUD!  The gems!!! Just look at all of those color options!  *squeals with glee*  There are diamond shaped gems and almond shaped gems all over the set from top to bottom, even some gems on your hand by the gloves. So play with that and make your favorite combination.

On the second tab of the HUD, under “options”, this is pretty self explanatory.  At the top is the resizing section for the armbands and the collar.  The collar comes in rigged or unrigged, but the armbands do not.  The rigged collar fit perfect for me on my Maitreya body, so I didn’t have to mess with sizing it.  By the way, I am not wearing the collar from this set in my picture.  That’s from another gacha I will be discussing further into this post.  The only complaint I had about this set was the armbands.  They were very difficult to get a perfect fit on, and I don’t really think I ever did get it just right.  There are 2 bands, and it looks to me, like the upper band part is significantly larger than the lower one, so if you get the lower band to fit right, then the upper one shows a huge gap between your arm and the band.  If you get the upper one fitted just right, then the lower band is cutting into your arms. *shrugs*  I’d also advise resizing each one separately, versus trying to do both at the same time.  You can also turn on/off the bright feature for the metal, gems and fabrics on this tab.

Boot options

The final tab is for the boots.  The platform portion of the boots is where your foot hits the ground, or where your toes are.  The heel is…well, that sharp pointy thing on the back of the boot where your…heel is. lol  As you can see, you can make these any 1 of the 7 color options from the set, as well as make them metal and adjust the glossiness.  For the zipper portion, you might think that’s self explanatory too.  It’s the zipper, duh!  But it’s not! haha  That is changed on the first tab under metals.  The zipper has strips of fabric along it that you can change the color of.  You can also change the color of the sole of the boots.  In the example picture, on the platform and heel sections, I have changed to silver, and the zipper and sole are white so you can see the 4 different areas that change.

As you can see, there is a lot to this set.  At only L$50 per play, this set is well worth a few plays.  Or just play until you collect the entire set!  Not like I would do that or anything….

Eyes:  Anatomy – Magic Eyes Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

ANATOMY Magic Eyes Gacha @ Epiphany//

This is a set of glowy eyes.  They are Omega appliers only, so make sure you have an Omega HUD prior to playing.  There are a total of 10 common eye sets, and 1 rare.  Included with the rare, you get a black out applier and 4 different circles that are mesh and apply on top of your eyes.  They look just like contact lenses.  They are tintable, so you can play around with the effect that you get, make each one a different color if you like.

I personally find, that Anatomy eyes don’t fit the shape of my eye socket well.  The color portion always seems too small to me.  I look like I’m continually looking upwards or rolling my eyes.  I’m probably a dunce and just don’t know how to correct this, but since I don’t know how to, I don’t care to wear them over some of my other favorites that I can actually change the size of the color on.  Aesthetically though, her eyes are very pretty!

My biggest complaint about this set is that the LOD of the circles from the rare set are very low.  This may not be any
thing that can be fixed, but I did notice that just zooming out far enough to see my entire face and upper body, at that short of a distance away, I no longer could see the circles.  When you have creepy contact thingys on your eyes, you want people to see them damnit! lol

Side/personal note:  Daeberethwen Arbenlow (say that 5 times in a row really fast…I dare ya! lol) is the creator of Anatomy.  She has been a lifesaver for me and Butta many times while doing Photoshop.  She has a lot of very helpful video posts on YouTube and a blog to help out fellow photographers/bloggers in SL.  Check her out!  Also, just wanted to mention that my original rare set was missing one of the circles.  There was supposed to be 4, but I only had 3 in the box.  I sent her a message and she very promptly sent me the missing one.  Easy peasy and quick!

Makeup:  Veechi – Neon Dreams Makeup Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

@ The Epiphany//

What girl doesn’t love makeup?  I really like Veechi’s makeup and frequently use things made by them.  I love that this set is made for Catwa, so there’s no relay HUD you have to wear to get it to apply.  This gacha set has some very pretty, vivid eyeshadow make up, as well as some lip gloss and blush.  In my pictures, I’m wearing the iridescent dark eyeshadow from the set.  It’s all very well done!

Pretty makeup minus the distracting, creepy eyes lol

Horns, Mask, Collar, Earrings:  CerberusXing – Necronomic Mother Gacha @ Epiphany  L$75/play

|CX| Necronomic Mother//


I’m a huge fan of CX’s dark and macabre things, so I had to play this.  I mean, who doesn’t need another set of horns, collars or masks am I right?!  This set is only for Slink Hourglass, Physique and Maitreya Lara bodies.  There are a total of 20 commons and 2 rares.  The commons include: horns (with silver or gold tips), earrings (in gold or silver), 11 masks (in all color options to match the collars) and 5 collars in: hot pink, purple, sea green, azure and red.  The rares are collars in mono color options (white, black, grey) or metal color options (gold, silver, bronze).


The only piece from this set that is rigged is the collar, so you are not able to adjust the fit.  You are able to click on all of the collars (common and rare) to access the menu and change the metal colors (or change the collar color if you have a rare collar).  The earrings are very cool!  They aren’t exactly “earrings”, more like an ear wrap.  Very well shaped and easy to resize and move around to fit your ear perfectly.

Piece that hangs into shoulder

The masks include ones that are named “LinkSet”.  From the best that I can tell, these are available to you if you’d like to change or resize parts of the mask individually.  The masks do have bands that wrap around to the back of your head, as well as the main front part of the mask.  There is also some metal decorative rings that hang down on each side of the mask.  I did find that these hung too low, and cut into my shoulders a bit, so using the LinkSet would allow you to adjust that part or even set them as invisible if you didn’t want them to show at all.  So it’s really nice that they also included these for us!

Hair:  Sintiklia – Insta Girl Hair Gacha @ Epiphany  L$75/play

Insta girl hair gacha @The Epiphany//

Front of hair
Side of hair

This gacha has 3 different hairs that you play for.  2 of them are common: Sky and Bay.  The rare hair is called Nyane.  Sky is a very cute, fluffy bun up do.  Bay is a long ponytail that drapes over your right shoulder (as seen in my picture).  Nyane is what I would call, a knotted bun up do and comes with a style HUD for the bangs.  There are also 3 separate common bang options included in this set that you can use for either Sky or Bay.

Hair cutting into shoulder

I love the Sky and Nyane hair.  I’m a huge fan of Sintiklia hair textures and how she frames the hair around your face so realistically.  The Bay hair is also very well done and cute, but the flaw is just in the ponytail that drapes over your shoulder.  There is rigged and unrigged versions for all of the hair.  I always wear rigged when I can, but regardless of which one you wear on the Bay hair, there will be times when the ponytail cuts into your arm or shoulder with any movement.  Can’t be helped.  It isn’t horrible, and because it is so cute and well done, I can easily overlook it, where as other people who are super picky *clears her throat* ahem….Butta! they might see this as a photo only hair. *shrugs*

Tattoo:  Speakeasy – Carnage Tattoo Gacha @ PocketGacha  L$75/play

Carnage Tattoo Gacha @ POCKETGACHA//

Speakeasy is a well known name for great tattoos, so it’s nice to see a gacha from them in PocketGacha this month.  This set has appliers for: TMP, Signature and Omega for the body, and Omega only for the face.  There are 4 common face tattoos, 3 common sleeve tattoos, and 2 rare full body tattoos as well as an ultra rare full body tattoo.  I was really wanting that rare #3 Breathe tattoo and I was tickled pink that I actually won it!


It’s so girly!!  I love it!  There is so much going on with this tattoo!  The advertisement doesn’t do it justice, so I took a lot of pics trying to show you all the different parts of this tattoo set.  The tattoo can be applied in fresh, worn and faded versions.  In the pics I’m wearing it applied as worn, which is the medium darkness/lightness option.

Backdrop:  Minimal – Illuminate Backdrop Set @ Epiphany  L$75/play

MINIMAL - Illuminate Backdrops//

You can always count on Minimal to make amazing backdrops for all of us blogger and photographer addicts.  This set has 8 commons, and 1 rare.  Each backdrop has some kind of “illumination” or neon to it.  The one I’m currently using in the picture is #9 from the gacha set.  Butta uses #1 (the rare) in her blog post here.  The backdrop does have materials on it, which makes the illuminating effects really pop!  I’m not sure of the specific land impact for each build, but #9 is only 15 LI, just in case you were wondering.  You are able to resize the build as well by clicking on it and selecting the options through the menu that pops up.  Resizing, will of course, affect your LI.

And there you have it!  Feel free to hit me or Butta up if you see any of these items you like from our posts.  We may have one or two (or a dozen) extras to sell ya! lol

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