In the Wild

I’ve got a few more goodies for you from Epiphany (main sim) or Epiphany (mirror sim), as well as PocketGacha!  *Picture taken at my good friends Baki & Rea’s beautiful sim, The Peak*

Hair:  Limerence – Rita, Margo & Margarita Hair Gacha @ Epiphany  L$75/play

{Limerence} Margarita gacha special for The Epiphany//


This gacha has 3 different hair styles that you can play for.  2 of them are common, 1 is a rare, as well as 1 rare hair accessory.  All of the hair styles are ponytails.  The Rita hair is a ponytail style, with the ponytail in the back.  The Margo hair comes with a hair “base” (not an applier hair base, but the main head part of the hair) and a left or right ponytail option to wear.  The rare hair, Margarita, is a very adorable ponytail with wavy strands of hair.  The rare headdress is a headband that you can wear with any of the hairs and allows you the option to change 3 color parts of it.

Showing where the hair pokes into your shoulder

Limerence has very beautiful hair textures and really pretty styles.  Butta & I always say “We’re not playing any hair gachas!” because we really don’t need more hair, but…neither of us can manage to pass up a Limerence gacha! lol  This hair is rigged by the way.  There is no unrigged option.  My only tiny complaint about the hair, is the hair in the front that comes down the sides of your face.  As you can see in her advertisement picture, the sides come down to your neck/shoulder areas.  It can, at times, cut into your body with certain movements or poses.  Most of the time, I didn’t find it an issue, but there are a few occasions where it did, so I just like to mention that for you.

Overall, I loved this hair and think it’s a must have to add to your ponytail collection!

Makeup:  Veechi – Neon Dreams Makeup Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

@ The Epiphany//

I already covered this set in my previous post, but I wanted to include it here again since I’m wearing different makeup from it.  In this picture, I’m wearing the Sparkle Pop eyeshadow in Aqua, Glow Blush in Light, and Doll Gloss in Natural.  This entire makeup set is soooooo pretty!!  I love how vibrant and versatile this set is.  A definite essential for any girl!  This makeup set is for Catwa only fyi.

Outfit:  Luas – Sayumi & Akira Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

Luas Akira & Sayumi gacha//

Back of common set

This set is goooooorgeous!!!  This is a Japanese inspired gacha set, for Maitreya body only.  The set includes 16 commons, and 4 rares.  The commons come in 4 different color options: black & purple, pink & grey, red & black, teal & coral.  There are 4 total pieces per color set to collect, and the set looks amazing together, so I’m not really sure you’d want to try to mix & match them.


The rares, for the most part, are meant to go with the Sayumi Kimono, which is also rare.  All I mean, is that there is no “exact” match on the rares to the commons, except for the staff.  On the staff, you are able to change the middle rose color and the ribbon that wraps around the staff, and these options will match any of the commons or rares.  The only option on the headdress that will exactly match up with the commons, is the red/black option.  I mention this solely because it was the one thing I found disappointing about this set.  For me personally, if I get a rare, I like for it to be usable with everything else in the set, and not just if I get the other rares.  Perhaps I’m just bitter because I got all of the rares, except for the kimono…and I really wanted it!!! *sobs*

Common Akira Shoes

All of the items in the gacha set are accented with gold, so for all of you silver lovers…sorry!  The necklace and headdress are unrigged, so they can be resized and moved around for the perfect position/fit.  The outfit itself and it’s fit is perfect!  I had no issues with it breaking, or seeing my body poking out.  The auto alpha works as intended, and there were no issues with it.  The texture is stunning and looks like beautiful satin.  It’s just absolutely gawgeous dawling!

Nails:  Slackgirl – Corner Nails Gacha @ PocketGacha  L$55/play

SlackGirl PocketGacha Key♥//

I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under, but I’ve only recently come across SlackGirl through PocketGacha.  She has a gazillion style of nails in her main store, and they are all really nice.  If you haven’t checked her nails out, grab yourself a PocketGacha HUD and play this set to try them out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

As you can see from the advertisement picture, she has many options in this set, and not just in different colors.  There are different designs and nail styles, so there’s surely something for everyone here in this set.  For my picture, I’m wearing style #3 in black.  It can be hard to see, so I’ve included a close up for you to take a peek at.  If you like wearing mesh nails, it’s imperative that you try hers out!

Pose:  Fashiowl – Wild White Tiger Pose set, sold at mainstore

Just a little quick info on the pose in case you’re interested.  This is not a gacha, but you can buy it at the main store.  The poses come with a mesh white tiger and 6 poses, built into the tiger.  You just sit on the tiger, and a menu pops up.  You can pick any 1 of 6 poses, and adjust the poses through the menu.

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