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Another round of goodies comin’ atcha from…you guessed it!  Epiphany (main sim), Epiphany (mirror sim) and PocketGacha!!!  I wasn’t lying, there is a plethora of awesome stuff from both of these events this month.  I hope you got your pocket books stuffed with some Linden cash!

Hair:  Doe – BunBun & BearBear Hair Gacha @ Epiphany  L$75/play

Bunbun & Bearbear - Out Now @ Epiphany//

If you’ve read any of mine or Butta’s blog posts, you’ll know how obsessed we are with Doe hair.  So, as already discussed, despite us not needing more hair, we don’t pass up a Doe gacha.  Like…ever!  Seriously!


This month for Epiphany, Doe (the little hair making machine that she is) made two sets of hair gachas!  Butta reviews Chip in her blog here.  For my picture, I’m wearing the Bearbear hair (I love saying that hehe).  This gacha comes with either a bear style hoodie, or a bunny.  There is also a wolf style, if you use your epiphany points to purchase the exclusive set.  Unlike a lot of her gachas, this hair only comes in a solid (not two-tone) hair.  The indecisive color HUDs are rare, as usual for her sets, but much to my happiness, the candy HUD was not!  Her candy hair colors are my absolute favorite of hers, and they’re usually rare.  There is also hoodies, minus the hair, in bear and bunny versions, which are rares as well in this set.

With each hair, you also receive a hat HUD, that allows you to change certain aspects of the hat/hoodie.  You can choose between a fur or a knit texture for the main part and ears, as well as change the button and string colors.  The hair is a short hair style and can not be worn without the hat.  Super adorable, like always!!

Makeup:  Izzie’s – Sparkle Eye Makeup & Eyes Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

Sparkle Make-Up & Eyes Gacha//

Unfortunately, my picture doesn’t show off the make-up or eyes, sorry!  But I still wanted to include it, because Izzie’s make-up and eyes are one of my favorites.  If you wear make-up in SL, I’m willing to bet that you have something of Izzie’s.  She does an amazing job, and this gacha set is no exception.

The set includes eye makeup, lipstick, lipgloss, eyelashes and eyes.  There is 16 commons and 1 rare eyeshadow color.  They are for Catwa only.  The eye makeup allows you to apply the eyeshadow to just the brows, just the eyes, or both eyes and eyebrows.  The glitter looks extremely realistic, and so feminine.  The eyes are very pretty, with just a touch of sparkle to them.  If you love glitter, and let’s be honest…what girl doesn’t?…you’ll have to make sure to collect this set for your make-up repertoire.

Eyeshadow in pinks, lipgloss in regular colors & eyes in greens

Outfit:  E.Marie – Love Me Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

e.marie // Love Me Gacha//

E.Marie has a delightful, simple lingerie gacha this month at Epiphany.  The set is made for Belleza Isis & Freya, Slink Hourglass, as well as Maitreya Lara.  On the advertisement, she notes the Lara size as “experimental”, but don’t let that worry you!  The fit is right on the money!!


There are 24 commons, and 1 rare lingerie fatpack in solid.  Personally, my favorite sets were the common with the heart patterns on it.  Each item is a set, that includes a bra and pantie, which is extremely nice.  It’s so discouraging to play a gacha that you have to collect a top and a separate bottom piece for!  So thank you E.Marie!!!  The solid colors and pattern colors match up nicely, and each piece is worn separately, so it’s very easy to mix and match from different sets, which is another little nice bonus to this set.  There are metal heart rings in the middle of the chest area, and along the top waist band of the panties.  Each set includes a metal HUD to change these from silver or gold.

Bear slippas!  So cute 🙂

Also in the commons, there are some cute house slippers to wear.  2 kitty options (white or grey) and 3 bear options (pink, white, grey).  They are unrigged for flat feet and can be size adjusted by clicking on them.  4 different common bubble tea drinks, with bento hold animations, completes this sweet little set.

Pose:  Belle Poses – Sing Pose Set Gacha @ PocketGacha  L$60/play

@Pocket Gacha//

Who hasn’t sang into a mop, broom or hairbrush at some point in their life?  We all have secret divas inside us, just waiting to get out.  This is the perfect pose set to let your hidden start shine.  There’s 6 common poses, and 2 rare sets.  Each pose comes with a no copy prop to use with the pose.  Super fun and cute collection of poses!


Jian – Dashing Dalmatians @ Epiphany  L$75/play

Dashing Dalmatians @ The Epiphany!//

It wouldn’t be an Epiphany event, without Jian making some adorable animal for us to snuggle and play with.  This month, we have a set of dalmatians.  This set includes 16 commons and 3 rares to collect.  Like all of Jian’s gachas, there are companions that you wear and they walk along side of you.  There are wanderer pets, that you rez out on your land and by setting their radius on the menu, they wander around like happy little pups.  There is a held version, and then decor versions.  This set is sooooo stinking cute!!!  It’s much better to own a bunch of dalmatians in SL than RL if you ask me, because they sheds like the dickens!!  All animals in SL are shed free thankfully! haha

Sayo – Romance & Roses Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play

SAYO - Romance & Roses Gacha @ Epiphany//

This is a very sweet, romantic little gacha set, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The set includes 11 commons and 2 rares.  I’ll admit to really only wanting the balloons out of this set.  Would you believe after 10 plays I only got 1 balloon set! haha  Just my luck!!  However, after opening the items and seeing how well done they are, and the set is just really exquisite, I kind of ended up…collecting it all. *sighs*  I have no will power, I swear!  The set really is nice and would make for a great photography scene set up or a romantic little surprise for a special someone.

Reign – Babe Cave Gacha @ Epiphany  L$50/play


This is a very large gacha set from Reign.  The name of this gacha is absolutely perfect, because that’s exactly what it is.  A babe cave.  Men get to have their “Man Caves”, why can’t we right?!  There are 27 total items to collect, including 2 rares.  The rares are a skybox and a closet with decor.  I love Reign’s decor gachas like this, because they’re so beautifully done.  The skybox is 2 rooms and only 20 LI.  The fully decorated set is only 91 LI, so not bad at all!

Many items in the set can be clicked on to change the color, ie: the desks have different metal colors (silver, gold), the couch has different blanket textures, etc.  She really outdid herself on this gacha set, let me tell ya!  It’s the perfect little place to have a girls only get together, just relax in or use as a ward-robing area, which is probably what I’d use it for.

One great thing about being a crazy gacha addict and collecting the entire set is that Kenadeecole Resident (creator of Reign) will trade out your entire set for a full copy version.  As you all know, gachas are no copy items, so…if you lose something or mess around with it and break it, you’re just S.O.L.  I IM’d Kenadee and within minutes, she had a full copy version sent over to me.  How cool is that!  Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting something or it getting broken, whew!  Not all gacha creators will do this, so it’s incredibly awesome that she’s willing to do it for us.  So go ahead…play it a few dozen times!  I won’t judge ya! 😉

And that about does it for my Epiphany reviews.  There were sooooo many other great items out there this month, it’s just hard to get to them all.  If there’s any gacha there that you’re curious about that I didn’t cover, feel free to IM me.  I probably played it and can tell you all abou
t it!  I might even have some to trade or sell ya. lol

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