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Picture info:
Hair:  (on her)  Truth – Montana @ mainstore
(on him)  Stealthic – Haunting @ mainstore
Outfit:  (on her)  Cynful – Lioness 2 in 1 Top + Dress @ faMESHed
Le Fil Casse – Sienna Skirt @ mainstore
Reign – Rhone Boots @ mainstore
(on him)  Cold Ash – Hemsworth Tucked Shirt @ mainstore
Cold Ash – Riley Straight Jeans @ mainstore
Cold Ash – Jericho Desert Boots @ mainstore
Decor:  Velvet Whip – All You Need Is Love Gacha @ Gacha Garden
Pose:  Speakeasy – Safe With You (this was a free gift at Gacha Garden back in November 2017, so not sure it’s available)
I’m trying a little bit of a different layout on this post, since I only have 2 items I’m going to be discussing.  Don’t Gabriel & I look sooooo cute!!! ♥♥♥  It’s almost Valentine’s day!  I’m pretty excited for it personally, which is a new feeling.  This will be the first year in a really…really long time, that I actually have someone special to celebrate it with 🙂  Ok, enough of me bragging, let’s get to the items shall we?
Top:  Butta and I have both wanted to talk about Cynful for a while now.  The creator of Cynful gets us, and by us, I’m talking about shoppers that buy her products.  So often, I see creators that have great items, but they’re a bit shady on their advertisement.  You’re not really all that sure exactly what you get if you buy a single color of an item, vs a fatpack.  Fatpacks are self explanatory.  But what exactly do you get when you buy a single color?  Are you able to change anything at all on the item?  If you can change something, what color options do you get? The answer isn’t always “Well try the demo”, because unfortunately, some creators really suck at demos!  They give you the demo in 1 single color, that they have chosen.  You often don’t even get a HUD at all, so you can’t see their colors.  What if you’re trying to find the perfect top to match a specific color of shorts you love?  More times than not, if there is a HUD, it’s still not very clear on what options come with the single colors, if there even are any.  And don’t even get me started on the advertisement pics…
Ok so this is why I’m bringing all this up, and why we’ve wanted to throw glitter and confetti on Cynful for being so awesome.  A little while back, there was a dress that Butta and I both bought.  I won’t disclose (at this time) who it was by or what dress it was.  Most times, unless it’s from certain creators or the price is just amazing, we don’t buy a fatpack of anything.  It’s too damn expensive!  But we will usually buy a single color option when we’re out shopping.
One of us tried the demo, but there was not even a HUD included with the demo.  It was just the dress.  The dress was very pretty and fit great, so we wanted to buy a single color, but not the whole fatpack.  In the advertisement picture, there were 3 or 4 models, each wearing the dress in different color combinations.  There were some wearing the dress with a different color of top and a different color of skirt.  Others had on the same color of top and skirt, but the belt around the waist was a different color.  Regardless, not a single model was wearing the top, belt and skirt in the same exact color, top to bottom.  So we figured you could probably change the top and skirt or at the least, maybe the belt.  There was no notecard or any info included in the demo.  So, we each purchased the dress in a single color that we picked.
We later opened the dress and turns out…you can’t change anything at all!  Not the top, not the belt, not the skirt.  It was pretty disappointing to us both.  We both thought the dress looked a bit…bland all one color like that.  Butta even bit the bullet for us both, and sent the creator’s GM a message to discuss it with them.  She explained how the advertisement and lack of information from the demo were misleading.  The GM responded “Why would you think you could change anything at all when you purchase a single color?”  Uhm…well Ms. Smarty Pants Know-it-All…because a lot of creators do this with their single color purchases!!!  It’s not a new, revolutionary concept or something!
Butta told her as much and reiterated the point about the advertisement and demo lacking necessary sales info.  We really liked the dress so much, that having found out you couldn’t change anything on the dress, we were willing to purchase the fatpack.  However, we didn’t want to pay the cost of the fatpack on top of what we had already paid for a single color.  So Butta asked the GM (and later the creator themselves) if it was possible to get a refund or credit for the dress, if we went back and purchased the fatpack.  No one responded.  Maybe they would have, had we actually turned around and bought them, then asked for the refund/credit but honestly…at this point in how things were being handled, we were skeptical, so we wanted to make sure first.  All either would have had to say is “Sure, buy the fatpack and let me know after you do, I’ll refund you” or whatever.  But nothing!  Crickets!
So the moral to my story…we didn’t buy the fatpacks, so that’s L$4000 that creator didn’t get.  We also haven’t bought a single item from that creator since the dress, because her advertisements are still confusing, the demos still don’t
provide any info, and I don’t know…we’re bitches like that? lol  But, the good news is, you never have to worry about that when you’re buying something from Cynful!  Just look at her perfect advertisement picture!

[Cynful] Lioness Top+Dress Ad//

There are no questions or doubts about what you’re getting in a single color purchase.  She even goes a step beyond that, and includes a full HUD with all colors on it, and includes a “single color” example HUD, so you can see what exactly is included.  How. Freaking. Awesome. Is. That!?  Cynful we looooove you!!! haha

So this is just what it says, it’s a 2 in 1 top + dress.  What you buy in a single color is the top.  The top is the only thing you’re unable to change if you buy a single color.  In my picture, I’m wearing it as just a top by the way.  The advertisement pic from Cynful shows it with the top and skirt together.  You get 20 tassel colors, 20 cotton skirt colors, 20 suede skirt colors, 6 metal color options and the ability to wear as just a top or as the dress.  Yes!  All of that, in a single color option purchase.  Crazy right?!  Fit wise, the dress and top are perfect.  The top itself makes a bit of a crop top, with the tassels hanging down.  They hang loose enough that I’ve had no issues wearing it with any of my bottom pieces.  This is one of the best “single color” things that I own because it’s so versatile.

Decor:  I know I know…another gacha!!!  I can’t help it.  I have issues ok!  Don’t you dare judge me damnit! lol  Ever since I’ve started blogging, it’s gotten even worse.  Because now I see everything as a possible thing to talk about or set a scene up for a blog picture.  This was one of those gachas.  Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I couldn’t help but think..awww how cute would this be, set up for a Valentine’s Day picture or blog post.  Ugh, I’m such a weakling.

I intended on just playing a few times for a couple of cute little decor pieces, and ended up getting this kissing booth Ultra Rare!!  It was really the only gacha I got lucky on at Gacha Garden, so I had to use it and talk about it!  All of the decor pieces are lovey dovey, V-Day inspired.  Some items are things to hang up on your walls, others are random things to rez out and scatter about your home with.  The kissing booth does have single and couple animations (G rated only), but they’re animations.  Which is why I had to use a separate pose for the picture.  Gabriel wouldn’t stop trying to make out with me!! haha  Velvet Whip’s items are always very well detailed and well done mesh.  Definitely go pick up a few pieces for your special day.

AD All You Need Is Love COMM - Copy
AD All You Need Is Love RARES


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