Tr(eat) Your Girl Right


Picture Info:
Hair:  (on Sami)  Truth – Cerys @ mainstore
(on Gabriel)  Stealthic – Haunting @ mainstore
Tattoo:  Speakeasy – Blossom Tattoo @ mainstore
Shoes/Stockings:  Beautiful Dirty Rich – Just A Rebel Heels & Stockings @ mainstore
Earrings & Nipple Piercings:  Amacci Jewelry – Bird Earrings & Nipple Piercings @ mainstore
Pose:  Purple Poses – Couple #481 @ mainstore
Sometimes, one of the hardest things I have doing when it comes to pictures is…coming up with a freaking name for it!!!  Now I know why so many people use generic “LOTD” names or whatever for their pictures.  What I usually end up doing is sitting there for about 30+ minutes, trying to rack my brain for an inspirational title that fits my picture.  This eventually leads me to a google search out of desperation to come up with something.  For shits and gigs, I thought I’d share some of the things I found on the quest for naming this picutre.  I did a search for “quotes about cunnilingus”, “sayings about oral sex”, “worshiping a woman orally” (which weirdly gave me nothing but religious references…not the kinda worshiping I’m talking about Google damn! lol), etc.
• The thicker the thighs, the warmer they keep my ears
• I expect my pussy to be eaten with the same enthusiasm as Pooh Bear face fucks jars of honey (this was one of my favorites)
• I want to cuddle my tongue inside your vagina
• Forget about Prince Charming, go for The Wolf.  He can see you better, hear you better and eat you better
• Seriously…if you want us to save a horse & ride a cowboy, you guys need to learn to save a tree and eat a beaver
That’s all for now.  Hope you guys giggled at at least one of those 🙂  Until next time…

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