Cool Cats Like Us


Picture Info:
Hair:  (on Sami)  Doe – Daddy’s Monster @ The Arcade
(on Butta)  Doe – Renee V1 @ The Arcade
Glasses & Outfits:  (on both)  Salt & Pepper / Kunst – Rockabilly Gacha @ The Arcade
Shoes:  (on Sami)  Reign – Jaime Heels @ mainstore
(on Butta)  Reign – Dazzling Darling Gacha @ The Arcade
Decor:  (JukeBox, Table, Chairs, Milkshakes)  Salt & Pepper / Kunst – Rockabilly Gacha @ The Arcade
Photobooth/Decor:  (Diner, Food Platters)  Focus Poses – 50’s Diner @ mainstore
Poses:  (Sami’s)  Elephante Poses – Cherry Fizzle @ mainstore
*Special Note: The Arcade can be found on 3 sims.  The link above in the picture info is to the main sim.  Here are the others sims available: Sim2, Sim3 *
Well, it’s mine and Butta’s favorite time of the month, and of course I’m talking about…GACHA TIME!!!  The event that started all the gacha craze, The Arcade, is open for the entire month of March.  So make sure you take one of the links and teleport to the event to check it out.  There’s always a little something for everyone, or…in our case, everything for a few little someones (us)! lol  No, we didn’t play everything!  We saved you some 😉
So let me tell you about a few of my favorite sets at The Arcade this month!

When I saw the preview of this set pop up in my Flickr feed, I knew that this was going to be my “rush to” gacha to play.  I have always been a really big fan of rockabilly styles and anything 1950’s.  For this set, we have an awesome collaboration with the designers of Salt & Pepper and Kunst.  The clothing items are created by Salt & Pepper, the glasses and decor items are created by Kunst.

Let’s talk about the clothing first, shall we?  These come in sizes for Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass.  As you can see from the ad, there are 6 colors of each dress and hotpants to collect.  Each one comes with a HUD.  The dress HUDs let you choose between a solid dress option (like Butta is wearing in the picture), or with a floral print on it (like I am wearing).  There is also options to change the lace that trims the dress around the top and bottom of the skirt.  You can choose between white or black.  Not shown in the pic are the hotpants.  You can also choose between solid or floral options via the HUD for these, as well as change the metal colors on the chains and buttons.  I know it doesn’t look like there’s much to the hotpants, but I assure you that it does cover your breasts.  Ok well, “cover” might be the wrong word. lol  It covers your nipples and that’s it.  So…totally still ok to wear around kids, right?! haha

There are 2 rare clothing pieces from this set.  There is a rare dress and a rare jacket.  Each one comes with a HUD that gives you the option of solid or floral prints, metal colors for buttons and chains, as well as a choice of all 6 colors that the commons come in (black, brown, red, yellow, aqua and pink).  The jacket can be worn with any of the dresses or hotpants without any issues.  The fit is perfect!!!

On to accessories and decor…the glasses are re-sizable by clicking on them and choosing which part you want to increase/decrease through the pop up menu.  They are cat shaped style with tiny rhinestones in each upper corner.  The lens of the glasses are transparent and there are no options to make them darker.  The colors to collect are the same as the dresses and hotpants, so they’ll match perfectly, with the exception that there is no brown color for the glasses.  It’s replaced with white instead.  Milkshakes come in chocolate or cream, as either wearable items that have a hold pose scripted into them, or decor only versions.  There are 2 tables to collect, in either white or black, as well as 4 stools.  The stools have built in sitting animations for male or female.

My absolute favorite thing from this set though, is the jukebox!!!  Omg this thing is so awesome!  I played and played…and played some more, praying this item would slip into my inventory, but I had really bad luck *sobs*.  But…Butta got lucky and she was kind enough to let me have it!!! *happy dance*  Love you Butta! ♥♥♥

This jukebox is not just an awesome looking decor piece.  No no no.  It actually will play music and control the music stream of your land.  How cool is that?!  It’s seriously only 8 LI.  How is that even possible?  The details are amazing.  It can be turned off or on.  In the off setting, the jukebox is not lit up.  When you turn it on, it has changing light effects and they continually fade and change to the next color smoothly.  It comes pre-programmed with 10 oldies stations, but if oldies aren’t your style, have no fear.  It comes with a handy notecard that walks you through how to set it to control your land stream as well as adding your own stream links.  Stations are selected through a pop up menu and you can also set who is able to change the stations.  Whether that be owner only, group or anyone.  Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but I absolutely lov
e this thing!

Daddys Monster - Out Now @ The Arcade//
Renee - Out Now @ The Arcade//

It wouldn’t be a gacha post without one of us wearing something from Doe, and this month she spoils us (or tortures our pocketbooks lol) with 2 gachas, but 3 different hairstyles at The Arcade.  All styles are wavy, short, shoulder length hair and come in solid or twotone options.
On me, I’m wearing the Daddy’s Monster style.  You can see the portion of the hair that is tinted differently in the twotone version in her advertisement picture.  The pink part is the twotone area.  It’s a very cute style, with the right and left sides of the hair pulled up with 2 bobby pins.  You can choose the color for these through the color HUD.  Also included with each hair is a style HUD, that adds/removes the bangs and some side hair wisps.  Unlike a lot of Doe gachas, this set also has a collection of monster backpacks.  They come in wearable versions or held.  A HUD for the backpacks allow you to change the color of the eye.  Super cute and…a little creepy! lol
Butta is wearing the Renee hair in version 1.  As you can see from Doe’s advertisement picture, this hair has 2 separate versions to collect.  Version 1 is an all down style, and version 2 is partly pulled up and knotted in the back.  If you look at the ad picture, the pink part of the hair in version 1 is the twotoned area, and the blue part in version 2 is the twotoned area for this style.  Both include style HUDs that will add/remove bangs and hair wisps.
There is a lot of awesomeness going on in this gacha set from Reign.  There are 2 fatpack rares to collect, and 2 different styles of commons in 10 colors each.  The shoes are available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink body shapes.  The rares have 25 color options, and allow you to change the main color part of the heel, and also the strings.  The commons are single colors and you’re unable to change any part of them.  Rares, or commons, this set is a must have to add to your shoe collection!
So as you can see, this is just a few of the fabulous things up for grabs at The Arcade this month.  Grab you purses and rush to get them!

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