Show Me What Ya Got

Pic Info:
Hair:  Limerence – Naama Hair – Gothic Hair Gacha @ Lootbox (current event)
Outfit:  Addams – Muriel Jacket, Bodysuit & Pants @ mainstore (new release)
Shoes:  Breathe – Hatsumi Heels – Hatsuko/Hatsumi Gacha @ PocketGacha (current event)
Necklace:  BEO – Miranda Necklace @ mainstore
Backdrop:  Pseudo – High Life Gacha (Modeling Agency Scene) @ mainstore
Taken At:  Backdrop City – Instagram-ish Area
Initially, I did this picture to enter the contest for Backdrop City.  If you’re not familiar with what Backdrop City is, then click on that linky up there and go check it out for yourself.  It’s an amazing place for anyone that does blogging, vlogging or photography.  She has hundreds (and I am not exaggerating) of photo booths, backdrops and scenes set up, free to use by anyone.  You can also rez your own props, projectors, poses, etc. if you join the group, which is free.  She frequently holds a photo contest, that usually has some kind of theme.  Winners are awarded by some really awesome rewards by well known designers.  This contest is themed “Classy Touch” and is sponsored by ISON, so I couldn’t pass up a chance to win something from him.
I honestly wasn’t that happy with how the picture turned out, but since I’m a huge procrastinator, I am out of time to work on it more so…I decided to turn it into a blog post about some of the new goodies out there you can find.  At least something good will come from the picture, right? lol
It wouldn’t be a blog post by me if I didn’t have something gacha related, would it? Lootbox just opened up, and already Butta & I have gone and grabbed a lot of goodies.  Limerence has the Gothic Gacha.  There are 2 common hairstyles and 1 rare “lootbox” style, as well as a barrette that can be worn with the Astarta hair from the set.  The Naama hair comes with the horns as seen in the advertisement, but they are worn separately so you can choose to wear/not wear.  Astarta and Naama come as unrigged, so you are able to resize them and fit them just how you like.  As always, great hair and cute styles from Limerence.
Addams has put out their newest release at their mainstore, and it’s a must have!!!  At least, I think so! lol  The Muriel set comes in a separate jacket, pants and bodysuit to purchase.  You can purchase a fatpack that includes all the classic Addams colors as well as pinstripe for the jacket and pants, and glitter for the bodysuit.  You can purchase just a pinstripe pack for the jacket and/or pants, as well as just a glitter pack for the bodysuit.  As usual, there is also the single color buy option for each piece.
There is a lot of customization for this set.  The jacket HUD allows you to change the flap color.  You can change the belt color and buckle color, as well as add/remove the belt, via the pants HUD.  On the bodysuit, you can change the 2 middle pieces separately and also make the cups a different color from the rest of the bodysuit.  The fit is great, as typical for Addams clothing.  Such a sexy…yet classy, look!

For my picture I’m wearing the Hatsumi heels, which pair nicely with the pants from Addams.  This set is from the current PocketGacha event.  There are 17 common colors in the Hatsumi, 1 rare being the black heels.  There is also the Hatsuko heels in a fatpack, which is also rare.  It’s only L$50/play OR….you can flat out purchase both fatpack sets directly from the HUD for a low price of only L$1500!!

This is one of the greatest things about PocketGacha I think, besides the convenience of playing gachas at my home.  Many creators have buy options on their sets through the PocketGacha HUD.  No need to play and play…trying to collect it all.  Just 1 click and it’s all yours!  Another benefit of buying this way, is you get a version that is copyable, so there’s no stress over losing precious no copy items.  If you are a gacha addict like me, and you haven’t tried PocketGa
cha yet…you’re really missing out!

Well ladies, that’s it on the new stuff for now.  Time for me to enter my picture into this contest.  Wish me luck!!!  Until next time…

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