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Picture Info:
Hair:  Fabia – Jenna Hair – Jean, Jennifer & Jenna Hair Gacha @ GachaLand (current event)
Outfit:  Adorsy – Erika Shorts W/Suspenders @ Cosmopolitan (current event)
(for info on any of the other items in the picture, message/contact me & I’ll give you the details)

It’s been a little bit since we’ve made a post here, so I thought it was about time we talked about some new stuff we’ve got going on, and a few new things that are out there you can buy.  Butta & I have fallen into the black hole of breedables, for starters lol.  That’s what she gets for leaving me alone to my own devices for an entire week!  We’re breeding Meeroos and Amaretto K9’s.  We’re just getting started, so most of our offspring are low priced (starting at L$25), so it’s a great bargain for anyone also just starting out or for someone wanting to add some traits into their breeding line.  We also have a lot of retired traits up for grabs on the K9’s.  Come check out our Meeroo Shop and/or the K9 Shop.

The other big new thing we’ve got going on, is the new Flickr group: SL Photo Challenge.  Butta & I love taking pictures in SL and spoofing them up in photoshop.  We both have enjoyed the challenge of photo contests.  It’s fun trying to put the perfect outfit together and setting up the perfect scene to fulfill a specific photo contest theme.  Butta has won a few contests, but I haven’t been so lucky.  I’m not bitter!  I promise!!  Ok…well maybe I am a little bit.  Not bitter that Butta won, because I am incredibly proud of her when she does.  But, I am a bit bitter about how things are judged, how biased they sometimes are and also how much drama can be caused over them.

I took a moment to reflect on these photo contests one day, and came to realize…I didn’t enter these contests because I wanted the awards.  I honestly could care less about the prizes usually.  I had an epiphany and realized that I do these contests because of the challenge, the goal to make a picture that fits a certain theme, the recognition and feeling of accomplishment you get when you see the final outcome.  It’s gotten me to step outside of my “comfort zone” many times and do pictures I normally wouldn’t have envisioned on my own.  It gets my creative juices flowing!

So I posed the idea that I had for a new Flickr group to Butta, and she loved it!  I wanted to make a group where there was a challenge each month for people to complete, but not a contest.  I just wanted to make the challenges unique, fun, and more specific than generic topics like “elegant”, “classy”, etc.  I also wanted to make a group that was freely open and interactive among the group members, where the members felt like they had more control over what happens.  Hence, the award code we’ve made.

The only real “award” for the group (we prefer to call it recognition), is having your picture picked as the cover photo for the group.  The person that receives the most award codes for that challenge of the month, will be recognized by having their photo as our cover photo for the entire month, until the next challenge is completed and a new picture is chosen by the group.  I felt like this way, there would be no biases, no favorites or wondering if so & so was picked because they’re friends with the admin, etc.  The cover photo person is chosen by the group members, by voting!  I also opened up a discussion thread where members can post their suggestions for future photo challenges that they’d like to see.

We’ve currently got 74 members and it’s growing every day.  It’s been so much fun seeing all the pictures that have been posted for April’s challenge of Movie Poster.  It’s awesome to have people so excited to participate in the group.  I’ve received a lot of messages from people supporting the idea, so I’m really hoping that more and more people will come by, check it out, join the group and start posting!  Please feel free to check out the group, share it on your favorite social media sites, in your favorite groups in world…however you want to get the word out.

Ok on to some new items and a new event…

Gimme Gacha Productions has a new gacha event out now, called GachaLand.  The sim setup is pretty cool.  It’s designed to look like an old, creepy, run down circus and carnival.  It’s a bit horror, a bit fantasy and a whole lot of creepiness, all rolled into one.  As with a lot of Gimme Gacha Productions events, there is a special prize you can receive if you play a specific machine 20 times.  You are awarded the GachaLand Exclusive item.  Most vendors Butta & I saw there did have the exclusive item, but there were a few that didn’t.  There are also a lot of free gifts to be had at each vendors machine.

Overall, I kinda liked the event.  There weren’t a lot of machines that Butta & I played.  Gimme Gacha events can be a little hit or miss.  They don’t usually have “THE BEST” known designers of SL at their events, but they do have a few pretty well known good ones thrown in there with a whole lot I’ve never heard of, or have never bought from.  It can be a good way to find some new creators to keep your eye on though.  Butta & I ran across a machine from LovelyAlien that we fell in love with.  Neither of us had ever heard of them or owned anything by them, but we ended up playing and collecting the whole set from them!  So we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open to seeing them more as we’re out shopping.

Here’s a little sample of some designers that are participating at GachaLand this month:  22769, Artisan Fantasy, Ersch, HEXtraordinary, Limerence, MadPea, Ayashi, Doe, Glam Affair, Speakeasy and Yokai (just to name a few).  You can check out the full listing with pictures of their gachas to play here.  Just make sure when you do, take off your headset or turn your sound down very low!  On each page there is very loud circus music that beings playing  So freaking annoying!

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” data-header=”true” href=”; title=”-FABIA- Gacha “><img alt=”-FABIA- Gacha ” height=”640″ src=”; width=”640″ />//
At GachaLand, Butta & I came across this hair from Fabia.  I’m not a huge Fabia hair fan.  I’m a fanatic about Truth & Doe, so I already have way more hair than I will ever wear!  However, sometimes I come across a style from another designer that I just really like, or it’s different from anything I already own, so…I gotta have it!  We also like snagging up things we don’t need, thinking… “It’ll be useful for a photo some day!” and that’s kinda what lead us to play this gacha! lol

This gacha machine has 3 different hair styles in it.  From left to right: Jenna, Jennifer & Jean.  Jenna & Jean come in all commons, with 10 different colors available.  However, Jennifer only has 4 common colors, and 3 rare colors, which are typically the most common worn hair colors (blonde, brown & ginger).  Each hair comes with a color HUD for the helmet, that includes 6 color options in both a clean or a scuffed up/dirty version, giving you a total of 12 options.  What’s the difference between the two?  Jenna in the ad is wearing the dirty version, while Jennifer & Jean are wearing the clean versions.  You’re welcome! 🙂

Now if you really love the Jennifer style, but didn’t get one of the rares, her exclusive item for playing 20 times is the Jennifer hair (although she calls it Jinna), and it comes with 6 color options of: black, brown, dark brown, blonde, ginger & red.  You won’t get the full color palette HUD (I don’t believe), but you will at least get some of the more common worn colors for this hairstyle.  She’s also added a black & pink helmet color with the exclusive item, that is unavailable outside of getting the exclusive.

I thought the hair was a great addition to my “photo hair” tag in wardrobe, because let’s be honest…this is not going to be an every day wear kind of hair, right? lol  The styles were cute and well done.  My biggest reason for not being a huge fan of Fabia hair is two things.  Her hair textures are a bit bland to me.  I don’t find a lot of variety within each color HUD.  I typically wear browns, and she may have 8 different colors on the HUD, but they all look so much alike to me, that I don’t really feel like there are 8 options.  They’re basically all the same exact color with little variation to it.  Since I mainly wear brown, I’m can only speak from this point of view, since I don’t own any blonde, black or ginger HUDs, but Butta has mentioned the same thing so I can only assume it’s this way across the board for all of the HUDs.

My other nit pick with her hair is that it comes in 2 sizes, which I think is wonderful!  Not all hair designers will do this.  All of the really good ones will, because they know that not every shape is created equal.  But…you’re stuck with hair for smaller boobs (that unless you’re absolutely flat chested, it will cut into your boobs) or super huge, way off your body hair made for bigger boobs.  There’s no medium size or even ground for the normal, C cupped gals like me & Butta.  So that usually makes me a bit picky about buying her hair.  If she could just include a hair that is a bit in between the two sizes, it’d definitely make me more interested in her items.  But as it stands, I’m left choosing between hair that cuts into my chest and just looks awful, or I have magically levitating hair a foot off my chest! lol  The struggle is real people!!! haha

NEW RELEASE @ Cosmopolitan Event - adorsy//

The next new thing I’ve discovered, is Adorsy.  I most likely have seen them out and about at events, but have never purchased anything from them.  I don’t know why, because looking at her Flickr, she seems to make some really cute things!  Nevertheless, she will be a designer I will be keeping my eyes peeled for from now on!

So let me tell you about this adorable Erika outfit at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  Butta & I decided to slut it up a bit for the picture, so we didn’t wear the shirts lol.  It’s made for Maitreya only (sorry girls!)  The shirts and the shorts with suspenders are sold separately by the way.  There are 3 different fatpacks you can buy in this set.  There is a jean shorts version, and a regular…non-jean? version.  Then there is the top fatpack.  There is also the option to buy it all if you absolutely love everything!

Now usually, unless it’s from one of my very favorite designers, I don’t opt for fatpacks.  I will just pick my favorite color or a random color to spice up my wardrobe, and call it good.  But let me tell you guys…the fatpacks in this set are worth it!!!!  Each fatpack is under L$1000, which anytime you can find a fatpack under L$1000 I think it’s worth looking at if the item is good.  But what makes these fatpacks so great is the amount of color options and things that you can change!

The top, for example.  If you opt to get just a single color of the top, you can only change the button colors.  But on the fatpack, there are a total of 35 color options, 10 pattern options and you can change the main part, the sleeves, the collar and the buttons.  That’s a whole lot of customization!  On the single color for the shorts, you can only change the suspender and metal colors.  But on the fatpack version, you get 35 color options and you can change the main color, the inside (where the material is folded) color, the waist/belt loop color as well as the suspender colors.  Being able to really customize my outfit like this is what I look for when I buy fatpacks, and this one I think, makes it totally worth it to buy!

Now whether you buy the fatpack, or just a single color of the shorts, you will also get a HUD for the custom text for the shorts.  This part is so much fun!  She has 3 different lettering fonts for the letters.  She also includes a color picker on the HUD, so you can tint each letter a different color.  There are also a lot of little emoji type of characters you can add as well.  Each side has space for 10 letters or characters.  It’s so much fun coming up with different text messages to put on here!  You also have the option to hide the text patches too, so don’t worry!  If you don’t like this, you can remove it.  This whole set really is too good to pass up!

Whew!  That was quite a bit of new stuff to talk about! lol  Don’t forget to come check out the new Flickr group!  Until next time….

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