May Flowers & A New Challenge


Picture Info:
HairTableau Vivant – Vento Hair @ Uber (main), Uber (cam)
JewelryHeartsdale – Miss Daisy Set
Dress, Add-on Daisies & PetalsMoon Amore – Daisy Dreams Gacha
Shoes:  Reign – Daisy Heels
Pose & Colored Daisies:  Lil’Bug Poses – Daisy Gacha
Ground Daisies:  Little Branch – Daisy
Taken At:  Luane’s World
Just a quick little post about some of the items in the picture and the new challenge for our SL Photo Challenge Group on Flickr…
This month’s challenge is:

Last month’s challenge was a blast!  Butta & I were just a tad (happily) surprised by how many people joined the group and immediately started participating.  It was a lot of fun seeing people’s movie poster remakes.

This month, we wanted to switch it up just a tad, since the idea for the group is to get people out of their comfort zones and do something different.  This month is all about the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn.  We thought this might be a great challenge to involve people who usually only do landscape type of pictures, and also get people who normally only do “Looks of the Day”/blog style pictures that are focused on their avatars, to step outside that box and try something slightly new.  Plus…I just love all the different seasons, since I finally live somewhere that actually has four seasons! lol

The challenge is to tie your picture in some way to a season of your choice.  Members of the group can submit up to four pictures for this challenge.  Normally, we limit it to three.  But there are four seasons so…why not?!  The only caveat to it is, you can only submit one picture per season.  So if you do four, each one has to be of a different season.  We’ve already had several submissions and they are all beautiful pictures.  Summer seems to be the popular choice, but we’ve had a winter and an autumn one submitted.  They’re gorgeous photos and almost make me yearn for those seasons again.

One of my favorite flowers is daisies, so I couldn’t resist making my first picture with all these daisies for my Spring submission.  Both the Daisy Dreams gacha from Moon Amore and the Daisy Heels by Reign were at the recent Bloom Event.  Sadly, the event is already over, but I’m almost certain you can find the gacha at Moon Amore’s main store or pick up some off of marketplace.  Or just message me!  I have quite a few extras available.  Reign is always super quick at getting her items moved to in store after events, so make sure you check there for the shoes.  Here’s the links to the items on their Flickrs for a little more info:


:MoonAmore: + Disorderly / Daisy Dreams Gacha//

The hair by Tableau Vivant is still available to purchase at the current Uber.  I love having what Butta and I refer to as “photo hair”.  It adds realism to pictures and I’d have to say that Tableau Vivant is definitely one of the best for this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find with this hair, they provide a style HUD that allows you to switch the direction that the hair is blowing in.  Kinda silly to have a dress blowing to the right, but the hair blowing to the left, right?  No worries with this hair!  You can change it to fit your picture.  So extra brownie points for that to Tableau Vivant!

Tableau Vivant - New Hair for UBER//

All the other items in the picture are from past events over the last year.  Like I said, I love daisies, so when I see something with them…I grab it!  If you’d like more info on any of the items, feel free to message me and I’ll help you find them if I can.  I’ve included the links to all the main stores up above, but if you still have some problems finding it, I’ll be here to help! 🙂

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