Run On Gasoline

Picture Info:
HeadAzoury – Nicodeme Robotic Head @ Cosmopolitan
Mask & ArmsThe Forge – Occulas Gacha (Rares) @ Lootbox March 2017
Bodysuit & BootsThe Forge – Psy Queen Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

SkinAmara Beauty – Fantasy Skin Maitreya Applier, skin color F12

PoseFoxcity – The Journey Pose Set

BackdropHouse of Shade – Stacked Backdrop @ Cosmopolitan
For a really long time, I’ve wanted to do a picture inspired by one of my favorite music artists, Halsey.  I’ve had the idea in my head, but have just been waiting on something in SL to inspire me to put it into my own pixel art.  While out shopping with Butta the other day, I finally found “it”!!!  My inspiration!  I coupled it up with a few pieces from one of my favorite designers, The Forge, and viola!  A picture was born 🙂
Butta & I have been discussing about trying to do some video blogs along with our regular blog posts.  We already do some ‘how to’ videos (Butta way more than me) focused around wardrobe, marketplace, gachas, terraforming, etc.  But there’s only so many videos like that that you can do and only so many ways you can explain them.  So hopefully we’ll also be able to start showing you guys some fashion type of video blogs as well.  We’d love to hear what you think!  Here’s our YouTube links:
If you’d like to skip through reading about the items I’m covering in this post, you can find the 2 videos I made here:
I had to do 2 videos because I had a total brain fart moment and completely forgot to show off the facial HUD that comes with the Azoury head and was too lazy to redo the whole thing! lol  I’m also only going to highlight here in the blog a few things about the items.  If you want more details, you’ll have to watch the videos 🙂

• I discovered that the HUD for the boots on the Psy Queen gacha will change part of the arms from the Occulas gacha set and vise versa.  Worst part about it is the arm HUD will destroy one of the textures on the boots that you can’t restore 😦  The way around this is to wear them (the arms & boots) separately, color them how you like, then wear them together.  Don’t be a space cadet like I did in the video and ruin them (for the 2nd time!) and have to beg the creator for yet…another copy! haha  I have to give Deccan props for being a good sport and putting up with me and also being willing to give me a copyable/no transfer version because I’m likely to mess them up…again! 😦  Thank you Deccan!!!

• There is a little bit of breaking on the right side of the bodysuit with AO movement and posing that isn’t adjustable with body shape (see video).  Otherwise, the fit is great on my Maitreya shape.  The colors and textures are beautiful with nice materials.

• A nice addition on the boots is that you can tint the glowy part on the heels.  I walk you through how to do this in the video.  Just do this with caution since it is a gacha item, it is no copy!

Nicodème Robotic Head at Cosmopolitan

• I wasn’t too happy with the included shapes for the Nicodeme head.  You definitely do have to make some adjustments to either the body shape, or the head shape, to get it to look a bit more “natural”.  This may prove to be a bit of a challenge for someone who isn’t comfortable with making shapes or has problems with body proportions.  I think I spent a total of an hour adjusting the head and my body before I ended up with what I was happy with.  Otherwise, I thought the head was really cool and I’m glad it finally gave me the inspiration to do the picture for one of my favorite songs!

That’s it for now everyone!  I hope you guys had a great weekend.  Please let me know what you think of the video! 🙂


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