We’re All Mad Here

We're All Mad Here-Final

Picture Info:

(on Sami)

Hair:  Doe – Pippy Hair Gacha @ mainstore

Eyes:  Nylon Outfitters – Supernatural Eyes @ Collabor88, Cam Sim1, Cam Sim2

Makeup:  SpookShow – Clown #01 @ mainstore

Skin:  Cureless – D.Stramonium @ mainstore

Outfit & Hat:  Moon Amore – Clowns Circus Gacha @ mainstore

Weapon:  Contraption – The Dissambler @ mainstore

(on Razor)

Mask:  Nomad – Mister Meanie Clown Mask @ mainstore

Coat:  HotDog – Frock Coat @ Dark Style Fair

Hands:  Katat0nik – Clown Prosthetic Hands @ mainstore

WeaponNova – Zombie Basher @ mainstore


Taken At:  Everwinter Sim


For this months photo challenge theme, we did “Are You Afraid Yet?”.  I love horror, gore, all things creepy and scary…so I was super excited to do the challenge.  I decided to do at least 1 picture of something that totally freaks me out in RL, which is clowns!  I have absolutely no idea where the fear came from, because as a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was the Bozo the Clown show.  But since becoming an adult, they are absolutely terrifying to me!  But, I love being scared so, go figured.  I’m just a f*cked up person I guess! lol

This was a really fun picture to do.  Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Razor, who is kind of a master at dark, scary things.  He’s extremely talented and creative in all things he does.  You should definitely check out his Flickr!  Also you can see his version of our collaboration here.   He also introduced me to this awesome sim where we took the picture at.  If you are looking for a post-apocalyptic, dark, creepy place to take some pictures, this is the place to go!  If you want rez rights, you can join the group for a low fee, otherwise…just snap away!