Monsters Inside Me

Monsters Inside Me-Final

Picture Info:

Skin:  Glam Affair – Malina Gacha (#4) @ mainstore

Body Blood:  Izzie’s – Face, Body Blood & Wounds @ mainstore

Bloody Hands:  Cureless – Anointed Hands @ mainstore

Claws:  CerberusXing – Salient Talons @ mainstore

Eyes:  Nylon Outfitters – Supernatural Eyes @ Collabor88, Cam Sim 1, Cam Sim 2

Hair:  Doe – Bride Hair @ mainstore

Hair base & face blood:  Izzie’s – Bloody Hairbase @ mainstore

Horns:  CerberusXing – Necronomic Mother Gacha @ mainstore

Teeth:  CerberusXing – Strigoi’s Fangs @ mainstore

Tongue:  CerberusXing – STFU Trap @ mainstore

Roaches:  Moon Phase – Cockroach Minions @ The Secret Affair

Backdrop:  Astralia – Horrorfest Backdrop Gacha @ mainstore


Wow!  There was a lot of things to list in this picture!!  So I’m not going to lie, this picture was really, really…REALLY hard for me to do. lol  The whole entire time I was setting it up, taking it, editing it, my skin was crawling!  Picture #2 of the challenge for what terrifies me.

Story time!  So where does my fear of roaches come from?  They don’t bite.  They’re disgusting but otherwise, harmless.  Yeah, they’re creepy crawly, but most bugs don’t really bother me the way these do.  I will tell you why they terrify me.

Back in my early 20’s in college, I was dating a guy who owned a waterbed.  This will tell you how old I am lol.  This was a full waterbed with a wooden bed frame.  I’m not going to lie, the dude was not the best housekeeper.  What guy is at that age? haha  I was spending the night with him one night, and while we were laying there watching a movie, I kept seeing something move, down at the feet of the bed along the frame.  Finally, we got up to see, and in the investigation, we discovered that his waterbed must have had a small leak.  The wood under the mattress was damp, as well as full of *shudders* dropped crumbs and food.  What loves dark, damp places with a free food supply?  ROACHES!!!!!  It was literally, a roach city.  They were everywhere!  And then the realization that I had been sleeping over at his place at least twice a week, in this very bed…omfg!!!!

Jump ahead about 5 years, and my mother had just moved into a trailer house.  The people who had lived there before were not very clean, so…there was a roach issue.  After about a month of my mom treating the problem, I agreed to stay the night for a visit.  Yes, a month.  Because I refused to even go inside the house until they were all gone!  I’m asleep in one of the bedrooms, and I have no idea how or why it managed to wake me up, but out of a deep sleep I felt something creep across my forehead!  I immediately wake up, slap my hand on my forehead, feel and hear a ‘crunch’.  I jump out of bed to throw the light on.  Stuck to the palm of my hand is a squished, very dead, oozing bug guts…roach!  It had crawled across my forehead you guys!!!  Literally my very worst nightmare come true *sobs*

So now that you know all of that, I’m sure you can understand how triggered I was doing this picture.  But I survived! lol