Country Break Up Song


Picture Info:

Hair:  Truth – Montana Hair – @ mainstore

Jewelry:  Cae – Simplicity Gem Collection – @ mainstore

Top:  Addams – Frank Knitted Sweater & Crop Top – @ mainstore

Jeans:  Blueberry – Frank Jeans – @ mainstore

Boots:  Reign – Rhone Boots – @ mainstore

Dog:  Jian – Beagle Pup – previous Luxebox item, may be available @ mainstore

Pose:  Reel Poses – Harmony – @ marketplace

Taken At:  Elysion


All right!  Before I tell you a few more details about the items in the picture, I first want to tell you about the inspiration for this picture.  There is an incredibly talented singer out there in SL, named Jack Slade.  I attended one of his live performances just 24 hours after a break-up.  I was a little hesitant to attend, because Jack has written some very beautiful songs for his RL/SL partner in crime, my friend, Miss Lou.  The songs are amazing, don’t get me wrong.  But while mending a heart, the last thing you want to hear is mushy love songs written for someone else.  Even if that someone else is a friend of yours.  Am I right? lol  But I knew that wallowing alone on my platform, letting my head do too much thinking, was not a good way to spend the night, so I went anyway because Miss Lou promised she had the perfect song for Jack to sing for me.

When she told me the name of it, I literally lol’d.  It’s called “A Country Break Up Song”.  First of all, I don’t really care for country music.  Unless it’s 90’s or earlier country.  Think Garth Brooks, George Strait, Tanya Tucker, etc.  Secondly, all country songs about break ups are so sad.  You lose the love of your life, your dog, your house, your grandpappy dies…how is this song going to make me feel better exactly? I thought to myself.  She assured me it was the perfect song.

I survived the live session, making it through all the sappy love songs written for Miss Lou and requests made by other sappy people in love there.  I lost it though when Jack sang Garth Brooks, “The Dance”.  Which truly is one of the greatest break up songs ever written, in my opinion.  We get so wrapped up in the pain and hurt we’re feeling when a relationship ends, that we aren’t able to think anything good about that person or the relationship.  But once you’ve healed and moved on, I think it’s quite beautiful and healthy, to be able to look back on the relationship and say “You know what, it didn’t work out.  And that’s ok.  I’m still glad that I gave it a chance, because if I hadn’t, I would have missed out on some really good memories I made with that person.”  Needless to say, I was not at that point yet in my breakup! lol

So there were some tears.  But the very next song he played after, was the one that inspired me to do this picture.  And Miss Lou was right!  It was the perfect song, and the perfect way to end my night.  And just like that, the inspiration for this picture was born.  If you’d like to hear the song, click here.  Feel free to click the link to Jack’s music page above, find him in world, follow him, stalk him!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Ok, so onto the items in the picture.  This isn’t a “current event” picture.  None of these items are out at any of the new or current events.  But that’s ok!  Things don’t have to be brand spanking new to still be great right?!

The Montana hair by Truth is perfect for any country girl.  You can wear the hair with or without the hat.  So if the straw hat look isn’t your thing, then have no fear!  There is a version minus the hat.  It comes with a style HUD with 4 options: hair all behind you (as seen in this pic), hair in front on both sides, or hair only in front on each side.  The hat is only in a straw texture, but there are 12 color options for the texture.  You can also choose between 12 colors of stones, or remove those completely as well.  You get 4 color options for the beads and string colors.  So much customization with this hair!!

The Simplicity Gem Collection from Cae is a very feminine, yet versatile set.  It’d work well with just about any outfit, whether you’re dressing up for ballroom dancing or just sitting out by a tractor singing to your dog! lol  The necklace comes with 2 chains, but you can show/hide one or both.  Why you’d hide both I don’t know…wouldn’t you just take it off then? lol  The earrings come in 3 styles: studs, circle or dangle (like in the picture).  3 metal color options and 15 gem color options.  You can make each necklace as well as the earrings different metal or gem colors.

The outfit was a collaboration between Addams and Blueberry, so they are meant to be worn together, yet don’t have to be.  There is also the Frank Boots created by Blueberry that fit this outfit as well, which I chose not to wear.  All pieces are sold separately.  I purchased the fatpacks of the items, so I can’t be sure to the specifics of the items bought as a single color.  Sorry!  There are just too many great options on these to not purchase the fatpacks!!!  Plus, it was my birthday and someone kindly gave me some $ for my birthday, plus they had a sale on the items since it was the release of them.  You got a discount if you purchased them as sets, ok!  “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” haha

The sweater can be worn with/without the crop top underneath.  On the Addams HUD, there are 30 solid color options, 6 plaid options, 12 ombre options and 8 splotch options for the sweater.  On top of that, you also get a Blueberry HUD with 20 color options as well.  See what I mean!  Fatpack is a must!!!  You can also change the color of the borders on the sweater (around the neck and wrists).  The crop top can also be worn with/without the sweater.  The crop top comes in versions as a halter top (with the straps, seen in picture) or strapless.  There are separate Addams HUD with 32 colors and a Blueberry HUD with 30 colors.  You are able to change the main color, 2 different strap colors and 2 different lace colors.  My favorite part about the sweater is the open back, which you unfortunately can’t see in this picture.  The Frank Jeans come in a full length version, or a version to be worn under the boots.  You have 18 denim jean colors to choose from, 5 ombre colors, 30 Addams belt and 30 Blueberry belt colors, as well as metal options for the jeans and belt.  And of course, there is the cutiebooty and blueberrybooty options too!  See the advertisement picture here for more info.

I chose to wear the Rhone Boots by Reign just because they are so cute!  They have the fancy embellishments on them, and seemed just a bit more “country” to me.  They come in 6 color options and include a metal HUD.  I will warn you, they fit a bit tight.  Not all jeans will work with these boots, and admittedly, I did have to make some edits in the picture because my jeans poked out at the top of the boots a little bit.  They’re the perfect boots to wear with shorts, dresses, skirts or applier stockings/leggings though.

If you are a beagle fan, then you’ll want to hop over to Jian’s store and see if it’s available to buy.  It was originally released only for Luxebox, but since the death of Luxebox, I know that a lot of the creators have now been putting out their exclusive items available to be purchased.  It is an adorable little beagle pup that comes as a wanderer, held or as a companion.  It has animations and sounds, you can name him/her and change his collar color.  I once had a beagle…it only lasted for 2 weeks lol.  They are not meant for apartment living or for having to be alone for long periods of time.  But don’t yell at me!  I made sure I found him a good home.  I had a friend who’s parents lived on a large farm and they took him in.  I promise, he was much happier there, than with me! 🙂

Lyrics to Country Break Up Song

I’m sorry if I hurt you
Or ever caused you pain
I’m sorry for every time
I left you standing in the rain
I’m sorry that you’re lost inside
And that your mind is in a fog
I know you’ll think this song is about you
But I was talking to my dog

My dog never yells at me for leaving dishes in the sink
He just sits there wagging his tail
And he’s always glad to see me again, even if it’s been for just a minute
He’s never been one to give me hell
His love for me is something that can’t be bought
That’s why this song is for my dog

I’m sorry if I made you lose that twinkle in your eye
I hate the times I have to leave & I listen to you cry
You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, though loving me is hard
I know you’ll think this song is about you
But I was talking to my dog


If you treated me half as good as he does,
You might be who I wrote it for
But your money was more important than I was,
He’s never cared that I was poor


I know you’ll think this song is about you,
But I was talking to my dog