Snowflake Don’t Forget Us


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Skin: DeeTaleZ – Brenda in Nordic @ mainstore

HeadCatwa – Catya @ mainstore

HairRunaway – Sam Hair (comes with beanie) @ mainstore

Eyelashes: MILA – Powder Pack August 2018 @ marketplace only

Face Snow & MakeupIzzie’s – Face Snow @ mainstore

Nails & RingsSuicidal Unborn – Ysabelle Set @ Epiphany

TopOsmia – Merry Sweater (pink), Merry Turtleneck (white) @ Collabor88

Facial AnimationsHappy Dispatch – Bento Facial Expressions HUD @ mainstore

PoseMade by me, myself & Irene (no clue who Irene is)

Taken AtLuane’s Winter World

I hope that everyone had an awesome Christmas.  After my last post, where I talked about how much I hated Christmas, I think I might have changed my mind about the holiday.  I don’t think it will ever be my fave.  But let’s just say, despite all that was going on for me personally, this Christmas actually turned out pretty freaking amazing for me.  After the last post, I had a lot of friends, and even some strangers, who reached out to me with encouraging words and wishes.  Thank you all so very much!!!  The kindness and support you all showed me, made me realize that I’m not alone.  The holidays are stressful, lonely and even sad for many of us.  The truly important thing about the holidays is to be kind to people, let the important ones in your life know how much they mean to you, try not to focus on the bad and be thankful for what you have.

One of the highlights of my Christmas, was the chance to get to listen to and watch (yes, I said watch) my favorite DJ in all of SL spin!  I was scheduled to work Christmas night, but we were overstaffed.  So when they called to ask if I wanted the night off, I said “Hellllll yesss!!!”  I put on just about everything I could find in my inventory Christmas related and headed over to where he was playing.  I looked quite silly, I’m sure.  But there are no pictures, so you can’t prove it! haha

So who am I talking about you ask?  DJ NoizyZapp of course!!!  You guys…if you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to him spin or watch him on Twitch, you are truly missing out on some greatness!  I remember the very first time I saw him, I sat there in awe, just mesmerized by how talented he is.  I’ve of course been to some RL events where DJ’s were spinning, but I was always far away, not able to really see the magic up close.  Watching Noizy stream his sets, it’s like you have your very own front row seat on a magical roller coaster ride.  How the hell he knows what all those buttons and knobs do, I’ll never know! lol  Every time I watch him, my face ends up hurting by the end of his set from smiling so much, because the music is so great it just puts you in a happy place, and it’s just a true joy to watch someone doing something they love like that.  Ladies, it also doesn’t hurt that he’s definitely yummy eye candy, with a killer voice, sexy accent, and overall a genuinely nice guy.  A few of us really lucky ladies watching him that night, got us a nice little Christmas present from Mr. Noizy himself, when he took his shirt off for about 5 seconds!!! *fans herself*

You can find Noizy usually spinning at least once a week at one of several different places in SL.  He has some upcoming sets for New Year’s Eve planned. *crosses her fingers she gets another surprise night off so she can watch*  He will be at Club S7 from 8-10pm SLT, and then he will be at Misfits from 10pm-12am.  That’s four hours of amazing music from an extremely talented and fun to watch DJ!!!  If you can’t make it, then follow him on Twitch and see for yourself how awesome this guy is.  Make sure you watch the set from Christmas night!  He finally got his new lights he has been sooo excited for set up, and they looked so badass!  And whatever you do, don’t fast forward to the 2 hour & 23 minute mark of that set! *giggles*

Onto a similar, but different topic…the song that gave me the inspiration for this picture.  A friend of mine & I were talking, and he asked me “What are some of the things you couldn’t live without?”  I immediately responded with “COFFEE!!  Definitely coffee!”  Coffee was my first true love, and we’ve had a lovely, long lasting affair, ever since my first sip at the age of 5.  I struggled as I sat there to come up with at least one other thing I couldn’t live my life without.  Every thing I kept thinking of, while it would definitely suck to be without it for the rest of my life, I could definitely survive.  And I know what you’re thinking, coffee is one of those too.  But no, it’s not.  I’m quite convinced that if I ever have to go on a no coffee diet, that will be the death of me!  So, I sat there thinking…what could I not live without?  Sex?  My dog?  The internet?  My friends or family?  But no, I could survive without those if I absolutely had to.  I’d be shitty to, but I’d manage.  Then it hit me!  The other thing I can’t live my life without…

MUSIC!!!!!!!  Music has the ability to make me happy, it can make me sad, it can make me miss someone, it can bring back a memory I’ve long forgotten, it can convey things and emotions I can never seem to put into words, it can relax me, it can make me hyper…there’s nothing music can’t do!  And as a friend pointed out to me recently, it can help you get through some pretty rough times.  So yes, coffee…and music!  Otherwise, RIP Sami!! lol

My fellow music lover friend Silivren, who has really great taste in music, even though she always manages to send me the saddest freaking songs all the damn time, and I are often sharing links to stuff with each other.  She sent me this cute little song, Snowflake by Sia.  Snowflake, as many of us know, has now become a popular insult among people.  Supposedly, no 2 snowflakes are alike, so each one is special.  Referring to someone as a “snowflake”, insinuates that they think they’re “special” and are often easily offended by…just about anything.  But honestly, aren’t we all different?  Aren’t we all special in our own ways?  And don’t all of us need a little protection and sheltering from the shit life throws at us sometimes?  And that was what I took away from the song.  But it was also a reminder, to not forgot about those that help us through rough times, because there will come a day when they will need your protection and support.  #ProudToBeASnowflake lol

Snowflake by Sia