Sunset’s Promise

SunsetEvery sunset brings the promise of a new dawn – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Picture Info

(new stuffs)

Hair:  Besom – Ashley @ Collabor88

Bikini:  Salt & Pepper – Delilah @ Collabor88

(older stuffs)

Skin: DeeTaleZ – Brenda in Nordic @ mainstore

HeadCatwa – Catya @ mainstore

Eyes:  Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes (in natural) @ mainstore

Ears:  Doux L’Etre – Ringed Mesh Ears @ mainstore

Body Freckles:  Izzie’s – Body Moles @ mainstore

Pose:  Foxcity – Mannequin Bento Poses @ mainstore

Taken At:  My new boathouse in Bellisseria

Decor:  Most decor seen in the photo is Bazar‘s Toronto kitchen, living room & bedroom sets.  There are also bits & pieces from random designers thrown in here & there (too many to name) but if you spy something you’d like to know about specifically feel free to IM me 🙂

Besom has some really cute hair this month at Collabor88.  She has 3 different styles you can purchase, and all have a ponytail/bun with a hat.  You can customize the hat by changing the colors of 2 separate parts of the hat.  Each hair only comes in a fatpack with her updated textures for the low cost of L$388!  You can’t beat that deal!  Salt & Pepper has made a super sexy bikini that interacts with the SL water.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, when you are on dry land the bikini has an opaque, dry look to it (as seen in the picture).  But once you take a dip into the water, it becomes a bit transparent and has a wet look.  When you get out of the water it has a water dripping particle that is seen, just like a bikini in RL would have.  You can set the time of how long it takes to “dry” via the HUD, as well as make the bikini appear always wet or always drip.  There is also a cool drying towel included that you can wear that will instantly dry you off.  You attach it, your avi performs a drying animation and viola, dry bikini!  It really is cool how this works.  Shy, modest girls beware!  Stay away from any SL water (including water guns, water balloons, showers, etc.) if you want all your bits to stay covered! lol

(feel free to skip this section)

Well I took a little bit of a vacay from SL for a few months.  Sometimes you just gotta take a breather & as I like to always say…just do you boo boo!  I spent the time playing some other online games solo.  I got super addicted to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon-Wildlands, Skyrim & Borderlands 2.  I highly recommend those games if you enjoy FPS (first person shooter) style games.

During my away time, I became a new dog mom!  I already had 1 dog (Maddison) who’s a 7 year old Maltese & Shih Tzu mix.  She is the love of my life and the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever!  But I always felt like our family was missing a little something.  Over the years I’ve contemplated getting another dog.  A playmate for Maddison.  I wanted to get one before she got too old to enjoy having a buddy to chase around.  Plus, since she developed bladder stones a few years ago and I had to put her on a special food to help prevent those, she has steadily been gaining weight and the vet has really been on me to get her to lose weight.  What better exercise for her than to have a high energy puppy to play with!?

A friend of mine got a new puppy and like some women get baby fever…I get puppy fever!  It wasn’t long before I was falling in love with a little guy who was named Sam at the time.  One thing led to another and I was quickly bringing him home.  He’s an adorable Pomeranian & Husky mix (a Pomsky).  I named him Sinatra because of his gorgeous blue eyes.

Sinatra & Maddison

Are they not the cutest things ever!?!?!  Obviously I’m biased, but seriously, aren’t they? lol  I thought getting a pomsky would be a good size to go with Maddison.  They average around 20-25 pounds, and Maddison is currently 20 pounds (but should be around 15 pounds).  Guys…he’s only 4 months old and already weighs 25 pounds!!!  The vet says he’s charting to be close to 40-45 pounds!  Just goes to show you, when you get a mixed breed you never know what you’re gonna get haha.  Let me just tell you though, this new little guy definitely keeps me & Maddison on our toes!  Every day is a new adventure, and has many times made both of us want to pull our hair/fur out, but what are little brothers for right? lol

I also took the time to do some adulting.  I gotta say guys…adulting really sucks sometimes! lol  A few years ago I bought my dream car.  Let me preface this by saying, I think there are “fantasy cars” & then there are “dream cars”.  Fantasy cars are those cars that you know you’ll never be one of those people to ever actually get to own one, unless maybe you win the lottery or something.  They’re so far out of your league, getting the chance to even drive one once, would be like getting a date with a super model.  A once in a lifetime kinda fantasy.  But then there are the dream cars.  The cars that you can actually, maybe someday, own.

So I bought my dream car and it was one of the happiest, most proud days of my life!  I loved her so much I named her Betty and even gave her personalized plates with her name on it haha.  But over the last 6 months, I’ve been having my hours cut at work on a continual basis.  I haven’t had a full paycheck since November.  I’ve struggled making ends meet and finally had to face the hard choice of making a budget and seeing what could go.  Betty’s car payments were a little on the high side, manageable but definitely higher than a “normal” car would be.  Add on top of that, she comes with an insane insurance cost.  Challenger’s are one of the most ticketed/pulled over cars in the country.  Plus, Betty had a supe’d up hemi engine, which added to the insurance costs.  She got horrible gas mileage, around 18-20 mpg average.  But let’s be honest.  You don’t buy a car like that for the great gas mileage you’re gonna get. *sighs*

So all these factors were staring me in the face.  I also took a good hard look at some of the “extra” things I was spending money on, like a subscription to Book of the Month, my membership to Massage Envy, getting mani & pedis, etc.  I fought and argued with that voice in my head telling me “You deserve these things!  You should treat yourself!”  I have a nice life y’all.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s comfortable.  I have my dogs, which are the most important to me.  We have a good roof over our heads, and food in our bellies.  We’re content and happy.  But I don’t need these other things.  I had to be an adult and realize that keeping that roof and the food in our bellies was way more important than guys drooling over my car and yelling at me “I LOVE YOUR CAR!!!!” or having a new hard back book each month that honestly, I didn’t really enjoy, or getting pampered to a 1 hour massage every month.

I cancelled all my memberships/subscriptions to things that I could and traded in my dream car for something with lower payments, better insurance and WAY better gas mileage.  I literally cried the day I handed the keys over to the car salesman!  I drove away in the new, practical non-dream car, feeling a little bit like a failure.  But I just have to keep telling myself that this is what needed to be done.  I can still have a great life without the extra bells & whistles of a fancy car, or frivolous expenditures on books, massages, etc.  My dogs are happy, I’m happy…that’s all that matters.  Besides…next time I get a dream car, and it will happen, I’m getting the fantasy version of my dream car.  A Demon! buahahaha