Sunny Days in Bellisseria


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(new stuffs)

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Ritual (worn in taupe) – @ mainstore

Hair:  Tableau Vivant – Janelle (fades) – @ Uber

Jewelry(earrings & necklace) Kunst – Elise Set – @ Uber

Outfit:  Vinyl – Perri Bustier & Vives Shorts (both in classic red)- @ Uber

Shoes:  Friday – Mariposa Sandals (cloud) – @ Uber

Food:  Reign – Boom Pops @ mainstore

Taken At:  The Bellisserian Office

(older stuffs)

HeadCatwa – Catya @ mainstore

Eyes:  Avi-Glam – Vivid Eyes (in natural) @ mainstore

Nails & Rings: Suicidal Unborn – Ysabelle Set (gacha) @ mainstore

Body Freckles:  Izzie’s – Body Moles @ mainstore


• The Ritual skin is a group gift and is currently available in a huge collection of skins for the month of June.  In this skin alone, you get 11 skin tones, plus many other skins!  The cost to join the group is only L$275 (which is a steal!  I paid L$1000 to join back in the day *sobs*) and the skins come as Omega appliers so you can wear them with all the heads/bodies that work with the Omega HUD system.  I think the Ritual skin is so pretty, because it comes with very subtle face moles already applied.

• The Janelle hair by Tableau Vivant is a really fun style.  It looks like perfectly tousled beach waves.  It comes with a style HUD that allows you to tame it down a bit, or go wild and free with the waves.  Each hair pack is L$299, or if you just can’t decide if you want to be a blonde or a redhead, grab the fatpack for L$1,099.

• The Elise jewelry set is the perfect addition to any outfit.  It comes with a necklace, earrings, ear pieces and nose piercings.  There are 6 pearl color options and 6 metal color options.  The whole set is only L$295.

• The Perri Bustier and Vives Shorts by Vinyl was too cute to pass up at this round of Uber!  The single color purchase allows you to change the bustier string and eyelet colors, and you can change the belt color on the shorts.  The bustier comes in a solid color as well as a bonus matching texture option.  That’s like 2 tops for the price of one!  The top and shorts are sold separately, each for only L$180, or as a fatpack for L$1,000 each.

• I’m always on the look-out for new or interesting designs that haven’t been done before, and that’s why I just had to have the Mariposa Sandals.  Each sandal is one half of a butterfly, and when you put your feet together they form a full butterfly design!  The single color purchase allows you to choose the metal color for the buckles on the sandals.  Singles are L$250 a piece and a fatpack is L$1,000.

• Aaaah Boom Pops!  I can’t tell you how many great summer childhood memories I have that include a Boom Pop.  They were my go to any time the ice cream truck came through our neighborhood or I was dragged off to one of my brother’s sports events.  Reign brings back some of that childhood nostalgia by creating some bento animated popsicles for us.  They were out for Fifty Linden Friday but she still has them available, so head over there to get them while they’re still there!  You can even buy yourself a Boom Pop floatie for your pool! 🙂

I finally decided to venture out and check out the new place I call home now, the Bellisseria continent.  For those of you that have been living under a rock the last few months and have no idea what Bellisseria is, it’s the new continent of Linden Homes.  Currently Linden Lab has adorable, quaint little houses and houseboats for premium members.  But rumor has it, that there are more houses and themes to be revealed in the upcoming future.  If you’re snubbing your nose up in the air and thinking of the old Linden homes from 10 years ago with only 100 prim/land impact allowance…think again!

These are amazing houses and houseboats (4 designs to choose from each) with so many custom options, it’ll make your head spin!  I know I think it took me at least a couple of hours to finally settle on the houseboat design and color I ended up with, because each had such great functionality and so many color options, it was really hard to pick!  The homes are now on 1024 sq. meter plots, instead of the old 512 sq. meters and you get a total of 351 prims to play with!!!  Trust me, I can attest that you can squeeze a lot of stuff into 351 prims!

Everyone is dying to get their hands on one of the new Linden Homes, and you should too!  But you have to be quick!  When I scooped up my new Linden Home, it was during the second release of houseboats.  They were gone in like 30 minutes!!  I can only imagine future releases will go just as quickly.  I love my houseboat and being on the water where I can just cruise around on my jet ski sightseeing.  But after wandering around today and checking out how cute the neighborhoods with the houses are…I think I really want to own a house instead now! *sighs*  The little neighborhoods are so peaceful looking, and the landscape that they’ve done is so serene.  It’s like a little slice of suburban heaven ya’ll!

Make sure you stop by the Bellisserian, where I took my picture.  It’s the local newspaper where you can stay up to date on all the new comings and goings of the area, as well as read some really interesting articles, interviews and even get some advice.  There is also group joiners at the Bellisserian office where you can join in the community, grab a traveler’s HUD or the Parade of Homes HUD and see what people have been up to.  You don’t have to live out here to be a part of the community and join in on all the fun.  Everyone is welcome! 🙂