Happy Birthday USA!


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So while I was working on this picture, I initially had “Happy Birthday America” on it.  Then for whatever reason, as I always do, I got to thinking too much about it.  Is saying “America” politically correct?  I mean…there is North America, which includes the USA but also 22 other countries and 9 independent territories.  Then there’s South America, which includes 12 independent countries and 4 dependent countries.  Yes, thank you Google! lol

So 2 continents, both with the name of ‘America’ in it.  However, there is only one country out of either of these “American” continents, that claim America in their name, and that is of course…the United States of America.  And I started to wonder why that is.  I’m not going to bore you on a long history lesson.  I actually fell down the rabbit hole on this topic and spent a couple of hours reading on it.  Hey don’t judge me!  It’s been a hot minute since I was in school and history was never my favorite subject! lol

Suffice it to say, people from the USA calling themselves “Americans” or referring to the USA as “America”, is quite a hot topic and seems to cause some pretty heated debates between Americans (people from the USA) and non-Americans (people living in North or South America but not in the USA).  I read a funny article from a guy who was in a bar and stroke up a conversation with a woman from Colombia.  The South American Colombia, that is.  Naturally at some point, recognizing she had a distinct accent, he asked her “Where are you from?”  and she responded with “I’m American”.  So he next asked her “What state?”, to which she replied with “Colombia”.  To clarify, since there isn’t a state in the USA of Colombia, he thought she was referring to the city of Colombia, he said “So…South Carolina?”  She corrected him and said “No, Colombia.   The country in South America!”

She went on to berate him about how ego-centric people from the US are and how unfair it is that we claim the name “America” and “American” when there are many other countries that are included in the Americas, making them also Americans.  In a day and age where there is a lot of bad, horrible shit happening…arguing with someone over what they call themselves or don’t call themselves seems like such a trivial waste of time.  But then again, it’s because of all of the social justice warriors, protectors from bullies and people who just love to stir the pot and get offended about everything anymore, that we even have this debate.

Citizens of the United States of America have been referred to as “Americans” for over 200 years.  Oddly enough, the first to use the term of Americans in reference to people from the United States was the British.  So if you want to find someone to blame or hate, you can start there.  Look up the definition of the word “american” and you will see it says:  relating to or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants.  Another interesting fact I learned is that the official name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos, which translates to United States of Mexico.  This is probably why people from Mexico are referred to as “Mexican”, just like we are “American”.

However, this leads me onto a whole different rabbit hole of people finding the term Mexican offensive and they should be referred to as Hispanic or Latino.  I’m not offended by American, so why is Mexican offensive?!  Ugh…I just can’t even! haha  I hope all of my fellow Americans have a fun but safe 4 of July!!  And if you find that offensive then, sorry…but I’m not sorry! 🙂