La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita Final

Picture Info

Bathing Suit:  Sn@tch – Mystique Sequin Swimsuit – @ mainstore  **NEW**

Hair:  Mina – Carian w/ Sunhat – @ Uber , Cam Sim 1, Cam Sim 2  **NEW**

Pose & Props:  Amitie Poses – La Isla Bonita – @ Uber  **NEW**

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Pippa – Powder Pack August 2018 @ mainstore, Marketplace

Eyes:  Izzie’s – Whiskey Eyes (lights) – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Necklace:  Cae – Sea Star Necklace – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Bracelet:  Cae – Beachcomber Gacha @ mainstore

Rings:  Suicidal Unborn – Ysabelle Set Gacha @ mainstore

Additional Info:

  • The Mystique Sequin Swimsuit is super sexy, but still covers enough for you modest gals out there.  It comes in 6 sizes & has 30 color options.  That’s a LOT of color options ladies!!
  • The Carian hair from Mina comes with the Sunhat.  The hair cannot be worn without the hat fyi.  There is a style HUD that has 4 options on how you’d like to wear your hair.  The hat also has it’s own HUD with 7 colors to choose from.
  • The La Isla Bonita pose set comes with props and poses built in.  For props you get sand, the fence and the sign.  It includes 7 single poses with mirrors, 2 couple poses and 1 friend pose.  **Special Note: I did adjust my right arm on this pose for the picture.  I also changed the color of the towel.

I always have the hardest time thinking of titles for my pictures and blog posts.  I understand now why a lot of people just go for the generic “LOTD #1,838,529” lol  I’m going lazy and using the name of the pose set for my name this time, and it makes me a little bit nostalgic.  Whether the creator of the set is referencing it or not, but it makes me think of the song by Madonna from her True Blue album.

I was a huge huge HUGE Madonna fan back in the 80’s.  I’m really telling my age now! lol  But I idolized her, which now that I know what I know about Madonna, she might not have been the best of role models or maybe it could even explain why I turned out the way I did in some ways…*ponders her life*  Yeah, I’ll blame Madonna! lol  But I remember my friends and I would take our boom box with us on recess and make up dance routines to this album.  For you young kids out there, a boom box is a portable stereo that played tapes.  No, not CD’s, tapes…the kind that had wound up..tape…forget it!  It was a portable stereo with no ear buds attached to it, ok?  And it took batteries.  Usually big D size.  At least 4 of those suckers!  Omg how life has changed in the last 30 years.  Mostly for the better I think.

Anywhoooo, I’m getting long winded as I usually do.  So take a trip back in time with me out onto the playground while we listen to Madonna and make up some silly dance routines, cause…you know…we’re the shit in this school!! hehe

La Isla Bonita – Madonna