Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Stardust Final

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;

I have loved the starts too fondly to be fearful of the night.  ~Sarah Williams

Picture Info

Skin (main):  Amara Beauty – Miriela Fantasy Skin (F6) – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Arms/Legs Skin (Tattoo):  Plastik – Unicorn Kinn Gatcha – @ mainstore

Hair:  Magika – Olivia – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Halo:  Plastik – Naii Halo Set – @ Collabor88, Cam Sim 1, Cam Sim 2  **NEW**

Eyeshadow:  Zibska – Hideko – @ mainstore

Eyes:  Cureless – Cat Eye Syndrome – @ mainstore  **Group Gift**

Ears:  Swallow – Noldor Elf Ears – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Outfit:  Plastik – Arvinea Outfit – @ Collabor88  **NEW**

Aura:  Cinnamon Cocaine – Moon & Stars Aura III – Marketplace Pink, Blue, Mint, Yellow

Shoes:  Breathe – Nanaki Heels – @ Collabor88  **NEW**

Backgrounds:  Soy – Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor – @ Collabor88  **NEW**

Half-Deer – Patch of Galaxy – @ Collabor88  **NEW**

Pose:  Sassy Sweet Poses – Angel Poses – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Additional Info:

  • The skin by Amara Beauty is for Catwa heads only as of right now.  What I think is pretty awesome about this skin, other than it being gorgeous obviously, is she has the matching fantasy skins for the body…for free!  Not only is it free, but it’s Omega HUD driven and includes all the skin options.  So all you have to buy is the Catwa skins, which are only L$399 a piece.  What a deal right?!
  • The color on my arms and legs come from the Unicorn Kinn Gatcha by Plastik.  It was at the September Lootbox 2018.  It is the Palekin Fades, which is a rare.  It applies as a tattoo and I thought it looked so pretty with the skin from Amara Beauty, don’t you?  I have verified that the gacha is at her mainstore and can still be played for L$75 a pull.
  • The Naii Halo comes with 2 sets of earrings.  A pair of large, hoop like, dangling earrings and a pair of stud earrings.  (Neither are shown in my picture).  The set also includes the bindi, 4 different halo styles and additional segments.  The HUD allows you to change the gemstones, star bits, spokes and arcs.  It’s soooo pretty!!
  • The eyes from Cureless is a previous group gift, but I have confirmed that they are still out on the group gift wall, along with all of their other amazing goodies you can grab!  It’s only L$99 to join the group, and if you’re a fan of fantasy, gore, the disturbing and macabre, it’s a group you wanna join because that’s what they specialize in!
  • The Arvinea Outfit by Plastik is out now at Collabor88.  It includes the top corset/bra and the thong panties.  It comes in 3 different sets for L$488 each, or you can’t pick just one, you can always buy the fatpack!  The sets are patterns, solid colors or celestial (which is what I’m wearing in the pic).  On the celestial pack there are 35 celestial patterns to choose from for the top, 8 for the thong, 50 metal options and 10 specialty metal shine maps.  Holy cow that’s a lot of options one 1 pack!  Not only that, you can also adjust the transparency level of the top so if ya wanna be a little sexy naughty, that’s ok!  Sizes come in Belleza, Maitreya, Legacy and Hourglass.
  • For my background I got a little creative and combined 2 things that are also new at Collabor88 right now.  The Astronomy Wall Decor from Soy and the Patch of Galaxy from Half Deer.  The Wall Decor does come with constellation stars and the background, and you can add/remove either the stars or the background to style how you like.  For the astrology lovers, they also have a constellation set with the astrology constellations.  Each one is only L$88!!  Can you believe that?!?!  TP to the event so you can see a demo of them, they’re really pretty.  The Patch of Galaxy come in 4 different shades separately for L$88, or you can purchase the fatpack for only L$288.  I can never decide or predict the future sooooo of course I got the fatpack! lol  Each patch comes with some twinkly stars added.  So cute!!!