Fearless Final

Picture Info

Hair:  Fabia – Alexandra – @ Access  **NEW**

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Anaise (September Group Gift) – @ mainstore  **NEW**

Eyeshadow:  Sn@tch – Cavern Club Eyeshadows – @ mainstore

Lipstick:  Izzie’s – Red Lipstick Set – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Tattoo:  CyberStar BodyArt Tattoos – Samurai – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Outfit:  L.I.C. (Lyndy In Chains) – Booty L.I.C. Edition – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Shoes:  Oushk – Nina Calf Boots – @ Access  **NEW**

Fishnets:  Sn@tch – Fishnet Collection 2016 – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Motorcycle:  Sau Motors – The Greatest Garage Stuff Collection (Gacha, Thunder [lite][carbon]) @ mainstore

Pose:  Foxcity – Rider Bento Poses – @ mainstore, Marketplace

Background:  Foxcity – Illuminated Photo Booth – @ Collabor88  **NEW**

Additional Info:

  • The Alexandra hair by Fabia includes 2 separate hairstyles.  You can see the 2 styles here on their Flickr.
  • The Samurai tattoo by CyberStar BodyArt has amazing details, front & back.  I unfortunately don’t think I did the back justice 😦  Check out their Flickr here for a better look.  It comes in 3 shades & also has a male version you can find the link to from that Flickr link.
  • The Booty L.I.C. Edition comes with lots of options!  The top & bottoms are worn separate, so you can mix & match with your other favorite items in your inventory.  You can change the main, belt, metals, buttons & string colors.  There’s a lot of preset color options, but she also includes a color picker on the HUD so you can make it your own if you want!  The texture is latex, shiny & the fit is perfect.  Super sexy outfit!
  • The Nina Calf Boots by Oushk are also available in a thigh high option to purchase separately, fyi.  It has a shiny latex texture as well.  There are 5 main options that you can change, as well as metals, laces & sole.  The shoes are basically a fatpack, for a very low price!!  So many options for a great price, it’s a steal!
  • The Fishnets by Sn@tch are Omega appliers, but don’t let the “2016” date fool you.  These are still some of the best applier fishnets I’ve found in SL.  And you don’t get just 1 fishnet option with this pack.  There’s fishnet tops, several different bottom fishnet options.  You seriously can’t go wrong with owning this!
  • The motorcycle by Sau Motors is from a gacha that they have at their mainstore.  The original gacha was sometime last year & I only stumbled upon this awesomeness thanks to a friend who answered my call of “Hey, do you own a motorcycle I could use for a photo?”  The motorcycle isn’t just a prop though!  It’s a fully functional motorcycle that you can drive, and it’s tons of fun!  The details on the motorcycle are amazing.  I think I’m gonna have to go sneak back over there & play a few to get some more! hehe  Another great thing about them, is you trade them in at the exchange kiosk in the store for a full copy version of the motorcycle.  So no worries about losing it like you do with most gachas!  I love when stores do this, because you never know when SL is going to be an asshole, or in my case, I’m going to be a dunce & delete it instead of returning to my inventory! lol
  • The Illuminated Photo Booth from Foxcity comes in 2 options to purchase separately.  One pack includes green, blue & peach color lights.  The other set includes pink, red & purple.

The best time I ever had, waiting around for something bad

One of the things I struggle with the most, believe it or not, when doing a blog post…is the title!  Every now and then I have something already picked out before I even get the picture taken, but most of the time the picture is done, the blog post is written up, and then I sit here staring at it trying to find something “fitting”.  I spend way too much time browsing through quotes, songs, Pinterest, you name it…just to find something that seems to fit.  I used to laugh at all of the “LotD #” titles people use for their posts, but now that I’m doing more blogging, I totally get it!  But for me, even if it is just a blog post and nothing personally inspired by something (life event, song, feelings, etc.) I still feel like it’s a piece of my “art”.  And I use the term art very loosely.  I am by far an artist.  I couldn’t draw a stick figure to save my life.  If you’ve ever played a game of Doodle Board with me, you’d know this! lol

Anyways, I’m rambling…so thanks to my new friend Spudgy Dean (is that name NOT the coolest? lol) I now have an official title finder for me!  And I think his first assignment, he did pretty damn good at it.

Me:  (shares the picture with him in Discord) I have a job for you! :stuck_out_tongue: find me a song to go with that or a title to call it. K…go! lol

Spudgy:  (within 10 minutes) The Bravery – Fearless

And there you have it, the title of my post & a little bit of awesome tuneage for your ears.  He’ll except tips I’m sure! lol

Fearless by The Bravery