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Like most people in SecondLife, I love to shop.  I get super excited the day my favorite events open up and I just can’t wait to see what goodies will be there!  I’ve browsed and read hundreds of other people’s fashion blogs, but the one thing I find is that most of them don’t even talk about the items they’re promoting.  They make a really pretty picture for you, tell you where you can find the items, but no one really talks about it!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t agree.  I want to know…how does it fit?  Are there materials?  Does it include an auto-alpha or will I need to do all of the work?  How is the creators customer service?  I am a very nosy girl I guess you could say!

It’s my hope with this blog to bring you all the answers, and then some.  There will be times I go into great depth about an item, other times I might do a video to talk about it instead.  I reserve the right though, to occasionally (but not often) just phone it in and do only a picture with credit links.  I mean sometimes, things are just perfect and there’s not much to say, right?

Currently, I only wear the Maitreya mesh body and the Catwa mesh head.  So for those of you who wear other bodies or heads, just keep that in mind when reading my reviews.  I might also from time to time, collab a bit with a male friend to do some reviews on male stuff, but I doubt it will happen often.  Unfortunately, shopping for males in SL is just…really sad.  You poor guys!!

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and please feel free to contact me in world (Samira Hoxley) with any suggestions, things you’d like to see me review/talk about, constructive (don’t be an ass) criticism, or just to say hi!

*Side Note*

The idea for this type of blog was originally a collaboration with a friend.  You can find the original blog here:  As of October 2018, I’ve decided to go the solo route.  No there is no drama or juicy story! lol  But I didn’t want to lose a years worth of things I’ve already written, so I’ve imported old posts into this new blog.  If you notice the posts mention Butta or just sound like there is 2 people involved in the blog, that’s why.  It’s also why some of my old posts look crappy.  Apparently, not all export/import formats are friendly! 🙂






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